VIRGE Gu.紫月 (Sizuki) has been fired + will disband

Probably mis read then

Such a gag, wasn’t expecting this! He played with Virge (and Malisend) since the beginning, so had no idea he was problematic at all.

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How problematic was he to take out the entire band?!

Most vkei bands who have problematic members to my knowledge their solutions are either changing their name or forming a new band under most of the same members.

My guess is he disappeared with the funds for said album.

This explains who the problematic member was when La:Sadie’s disbanded and became Dir en grey.


Very sad. Ryo is a really amazing musician, singer and compositor.

He wrote on his fanclub blog about the disbanding, I don’t feel comfortable talking a lot about it since its paid content and we are not supposed to leak, but 90% of the post is saying about how shitty Shizuki was (for example, he used all the money they gathered together for their first visual costumes for himself), but that in the end they were really good friends. He also said that he was already desiring to disband, so that we should not blame Shizuki for that. This was just the final trigger.

Hope he doesn’t give up on music, tho.
There’s a strong theory between japanese fans that if Ryo + Ashmaze instrumentists form a band together it would be a whole damn MONSTER BAND that would sell like hot cakes. I believe that too, so some dark side of me kinda wish that Ashmaze disband now… lol


Good to know, i hope shizuki never play in a vk band again. case yes, i will be the first to judge him for what de did!

They have disappointed me…why don’t they look for another guitarist instead of disbanding? this smells bad

Aha! So he was running off with the band’s money. Called it.

Shitty move from him though.

I’m not against this :eyes:

Ryo’s become a really solid singer + composer since his mediena days, and I think he’s talented enough to stay popular. I’d love to see him continue to do his mago worship+modern heavy kei shtick, its really refreshing. Bandmen with the virtuosity to keep up w that (e.g., Ryu from Ashmaze, Nao from Arlequin) would make for a great new band.

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He must have done something really bad, guess he got arrested for something.

This post has aged well.


what’s up with all those visual kei bandoman ghosting the other members? It seems we have one of these threads every couple months

Just say you want to leave, these dumb disappearing acts must suck so bad for everyone involved

wanna ruin your chance at possibly ever joining another band again so your stuck with a basic normal job? would be my guess

Usually money related.

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Their recent singles were so good. This is hitting me harder then I thought; they really had the spirit of vk in them too

SET-LIST at 2024/05/06:


Something related to the setlist photo what does WEN mean? I don’t think I’ve seen that before O-o

I guess it means double encore. the GazettE uses it in their setlists too.

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