VIRGE Gu.紫月 (Sizuki) has been fired + will disband

VIRGE Gu.紫月 (Sizuki) has been fired at 2024/3/11 after not being able to contact him since 2024/3/1 and repeated problematic behavior.

As a result, their planned full album release has been cancelled and they will disband at 2024/5/6.



What a massive kick in the balls.


Holy shit are they just flipping the table?
Cancelling a whole album that might already have been recorded is a big move…


oh shit… I wasn’t expecting that. It seems that a lot of shit happens behind the scenes in bands.

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Why cancel the whole album? Certainly he isn’t that integral. Anyone with more info wanna enlighten me?


the will form a new band under a new name and they will release the album under that new name for sure


So disappointing :confused:

What the fuck!!! :sob:

They better…

Kinda a hard hit that the whole album release has been cancelled due to one member of the band being fired.

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Honestly there are so many good ex vkei guitarists just hanging around surprised they didn’t just pick a different person. Sad to see them go but either way in some way it’s kinda expected when all the former members of this band decided to leave.

Who is the main composer of them? Maybe it was him hence the album cancel? Idk.

Maybe a coincidence but seeing them llive with Ashmaze. last year I felt he had a different vibe than the rest of the band. But maybe that was just me. But strangely: Each band covered a song of the other band and I was suprised that while Ashmaze.'s vocalist came during VIRGE covering their song, Sizuki came and sang the VIRGE song with Ashmaze. (instead of the VIRGE vocalist) (and apologized for singing badly).

But openly exposing and firing someone after 10 days silence while stating he missed the prior live due to illness? Idk, leaves a bad aftertaste knowing all founding members left except one. Makes you miss the days where it was just written as “musicial differences”. Maybe someone was just tired pumping out bland songs on a forced single every 4 months :slight_smile:

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Holy Balls what? Ö.Ö

That’s wild o.o I wonder what kind of drama there was.

Youtube music lists Ryo(遼), the singer, as the composer for every song I’ve checked.

Anyway, crazy news out of nowhere. They were one of my favorite recent bands.

I sure hope so, I was looking forward to it. Their recent stuff had been SOO good

A member from Sadie was able to listen to the release if I’m reading this properly:


Isn’t he talking about the single 空に落ちる蛍 not the album? If the album was already done I can’t imagine they wouldn’t release it.

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