Visual kei and anime

I’m starting this thread bc I’m doing a short presentation on Visual kei for uni, and I want to show a few examples of VK in anime to catch attention

An example of what I’m talking about it Monokuro no Kiss by SID for Kuroshitsuji

Please share some works you know about!


First thing that came to mind is the 2nd opening of Darker than black, Kakusei heroism by An Cafe ( honestly still a banger, I don’t care what anyone says )


Let’s go old-school: BUCK-TICK’s Gessekai was used as the opening for the series Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective in 1998.

Their song Dress was also featured as the opening theme for the Trinity Blood series in 2005, in an updated “trinity blood mix” (couldn’t find the actual opening video on YT).

Only a year later, their song Kagerou was the 2nd ending theme for xxxHolic (season 1).

And in 2010, two of their songs were featured in Shiki: Kuchizuke as the series’ 1st opening and Gekka reijin as its 2nd ending theme.


It was Takanori Nishikawa’s Abingdon Boys School who did a cover of Dress for Trinity Blood and I much prefer the cover, sorry Atsushi.

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I think this would be helpful too


I’m sorry but that’s incorrect. The year was the same, but ABS recorded their cover version specifically for B-T’s tribute album (without any anime tie-in). It’s a mighty fine version, that’s for sure tho! :slight_smile:


:exploding_head: Mandela Effect because I literally remember watching this show (from the first episode till the end) and seeing it say Dress and it mentioning Abingdon Boys School and Takanori Nishikawa in the credits.

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I don’t know what to believe anymore. There it is, yep, no ABS mentioned. Mandela Effects are something else.

Bleach op 13 “Ranbu no melody” is by SID

Bleach op 14 “Blue” is by Vivid

X movie soundtrack “forever love” by X Japan

Black Butler 2nd opening “Shiver” is by Gazette

Not sure if i should include TM revolution or Abingdon boys school here, but they have done op and ed for Sengoku Basara, Tokyo Magnitude and others.


People really hated MUCC for doing anime songs, what were they?


Janne Da Arc did the ending theme for a One Piece season

Kra did the first OP for Yu-gi-oh 5DS


the JDA guy back at it again