Visual kei around the world

Post visual Kei bands from outside Japan! I start with some bands from my country, Argentina!!

Extra (?


From France:

I really enjoy them and haven’t really heard a band that sounds like them, very low-budget though, their sound reminds me kind of a mix of goth rock and early death metal kind of?

From Russia:

They’ve been around a long time but not many releases, love this band’s old stuff don’t care much at all for their most recent stuff.

From Indonesia:

I love this band, good mix of brutal songs and beautiful songs imo.

From China:

Deathcore vk band that takes influences from many different genres of music especially on their most recent album, they also had a song that featured Cazqui (ex-Nocturnal Bloodlust)

From South Korea:

I don’t think I need to say anything it seems most people here are aware of them but I didn’t want to leave them out.


i really liked this PV from these guys in NY, US

Fragments by Hex.sys

Everybody knows about Lilith, right?
they’re one of those weird bands that put out their best work and disbanded right after - esp the chorus of this track had me thinking they might develop into something of a Chinese Kagrra,

盤龍舞鳳 by Lilith

there was a band from Mongolia i think is way underrated - pretty camp ngl but i really enjoyed hearing the hard tuning on such a consonant-heavy language

Endless by Visual MooN


Back in the early days Keloid from Spain was the best I think, even with a female vocalist and Japanese (probably google translate level?) If anyone has their stuff my old HD died so :frowning::pray:

CLOSER from France was cool too,
One of the earlier groups singing in their native language. Wish they continued.
Cant take a band seriously when they sing in bad Japanese jibberish but understand their yearning :stars:

LYV from San Fransisco’s Chris Hart is a huge jpop singer here now and still a great chill buddy.


From Spain:

Not the best but they were actually somehow one of the first vk bands I heard, because of the many memories I have from middle school cutting my wrists and feeling absolutely hopeless while listening to their songs I can’t help but feel an emotional attachment to those songs even if they come off as kinda cringey now haha.

From Switzerland:

Pretty sure they’re an all female band too.

From Los Angeles:

Not exactly sure if they count because the band consisted of Japanese people living in LA but I’ll still post them cause I like them, they only released three songs before disbanding though.


Oh man I forgot about lucid!

In California there was also Marz with Japanese members and local singer who became a oricon number one selling composer!

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