Visual kei band paradoxal (パラドクサル) back from hiatus

Paradoxal has announced the end of their indefinitive hiatus with the release of their digital single “Long over-due registration to JRO” that is released 2022-08-05. The members have expressed their happiness to continue with the visual kei world and apologize for the length of their unexplained hiatus which was caused by their bassist アマンダ’s mental health issues combined with the need to finish their master’s degree.

On a more serious note though, I’m so glad to finally register here. I was supposed to just finish my degree but it ended up taking a lot longer than expected due to my wavering mental health. But now that I have sent my master’s thesis for evaluation (and hoping and half-expecting to graduate with motherfucking honors), I feel like I’m finally ready to join here haha. I get way too obsessed and distracted visual kei to be a functioning student and employee. I have fallen out of loop with most of VK issues during these years (ok I have listened to some but there’s apparently a thousand new bands I love) so now it’s time to get back with full force.

Recently, I’ve been getting into Kizu, ACME, XANVALA, amazuti (ofc purple stone 4ever​:heart::heart:), 0.1g no gosan, Hueye, NAZARE, Mamireta, Zero[Hz], Avanchick, JILUKA, etc., the list is endless. Really, I’ve been just checking out whatever I can get my hands on. My playlist of new VK is over 1800 songs so it will take me ages to sort all that out. All recommendations are sincerely appreciated!




Welcome back.

You still want more recommendations, even when your playlist is already near 2000songs? :joy: Damn
I low key suck at VK recommendations, but if you ever need some non-VK stuff (mainly metalcore) i could be good for that😅

I am not sure if we had met each other already on MH before, i was active for not a whole year there. (I went under krumpingchihuahua on mh)


Welcome and enjoy your stay

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Welcome back here too! :slight_smile:

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Welcome back

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

@Rena I mean, absolutely. My playlist is currently 4 days and 23 hours, I mean anything extra is really just noise and a rounding error. :joy: Although to be honest, that’s just the music I have already tagged…

Where can I find the single?

Their first live-limited single was distributed 8 hours ago at their first one-man in ヘルシンキ (フィンランド). The single is limited to 1 copy.


Oh… ._. maybe whoever bought it will put it on mercari or something hopefully.

Hello and welcome back! :tada: I enjoyed reading your introduction :laughing:

You can find my own playlist and other staff members playlists here

If you are in need for more :joy:
Damn i want your determination to listen to so much stuff

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