Visual Kei featured on "Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai" (mostly 90's bands)

I’m surprised that there’s not a topic on this already considering how much v-kei twitter was blowing up as this aired but there was a v-kei feature on the popular TV show Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai (マツコの知らない世界) where they mostly discussed legendary v-kei bands and lives from the 90’s with some discussion of new things in the modern scene.

Because of this, “visual kei”, “banyga” and a number of the bands featured like MALICE MIZER, DIR EN GREY, and Janne Da Arc have all been trending on Japanese twitter.

The program is free to livestream here until the 13th here for anyone in Japan or with a Japanese VPN (it is region-locked).

(Sorry if I categorized this wrong, I’m not exactly sure where to put it)


I watched it on tv last night lol
(I basically watch Matsuko every week anyway)

I’m just posting this in case anyone missed it. Like personally, though I can watch some programs real time, I tend to be very frugal about it since most of them air at an inconvenient time for my current time zone. I really want to go back to Japan…

What is that TV show generally about? I saw a lot of bandmen tweeting about the visual kei part.

i saw my honmei tweeting about this. a lot of bandmen took to the hashtags to promote their stuff, lol.