Visual Kei hair/main colour statistic

One of my qualities I actually could use for finding a job are my Excel skills, so why not use it also for fun.
I will create graphs about which hair colour is preferred for which kind of Visual Kei musician.

But I would also like people to help me in finding data.

So please send me Visual Kei promo photos of bands with trademark colours with their name and position.
I strive for at least 50 Groups before I finalise the results.

But I will update the graphs with every new ten bands


Let me start with the first group as example:


Name - position - colour

Kyouki - Vocals - yellow
Haru - Guitar - red
Roku - Guitar - black (1/2) purple (1/2)
Hisame- Bassist - blue
yuugo - Drums - grey
(Rui - Drums - black)

roku changes his trademark colour from Purple to Black with Rui‘s department.

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