VK Makeup and Fashion Tips

Hi! I’m new to the visual kei scene in terms of actually doing the makeup lol.
I really want to get into it, but I’m not sure how to learn the looks and I don’t know what products would be best or even where to shop at! Does anyone know anything that could help me, as well as other people in this community? Thanks!

The biggest question is what kind of VK look you want to opt for?
VK has so many different kind of make up styles and also different one depending on the VK era itself.

Product wise, it will depend on your skin, what you can afford or not (that doesn’t mean that expensive make up is always the better one) ands what is available for you, in the country you live.

Now the magazine CURE had a corner with make up tutorials from bandomen themselves (or their make up artists)
If you google them up you will get across some (or a lot)
Of course there is the part that you have to transcribe the make up into your eyeshape

Here is the infamous kisaki one

I want to go for something kind of like malice Mizer, the GazettE, and Kaneto Juusei. They’re different styles, but I want to experiment before I decide on something

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Don’t do it alone, trust me he knows what he’s talking about.
I would suggest racking up some gwap and hire some hairstylist. But thats also a gamble. I’ve seldom met people who gave honest opinions about fashion.

I emulate drag techniques for my vk looks (even with covering the brows).
VK can be anything (and yet nothing) at the same time, from oldschool to modern. It’s a fine line.
Overally i think it’s about the layout and remembering if you are western, the same techniques might not work. I overexaggerate all my features, classic Japanese face might not need as much makeup IMO.