VK overkill

Ok so I love VK (the music, the style, the fans), but there are some things in the scene I’m so tired of seeing.

  • Having to look at band members through a smoke screen. Why do so many of them post videos of themselves chain smoking/vaping? No talking, no wave hello or anything else. Just look at me showcasing my unhealthy habit. I find it kind of weird that people wonder why so many musicians in VK are getting sick/passing away at young ages.

  • The smeared lipstick look. It was ok the first 3000 times I saw it, but yeah…

  • Getting flipped off. Again I think I used to find this kind of amusing the first million times I saw it. Who exactly are they telling to f— off anyway? Maybe I’m just getting old.

Anyhoooo, I digress…


I can remember some old PV’s were included members smoking/playing with cigarettes but at least had “meaning”
Regarding smudged lipstick now it’s overused
I can remember some angura early ‘00 looks with black smudged lipstick,but it was an innovation
And again,was black,not red
Regarding getting flipped off I can remember really old PV’s or lives were members do that
It’s not a recent thing
I never understood that, either
Maybe because bangya are charmed by meanness (???)
I mean,overall,speaking of looks,vk can be very


To be honest the amount of smokers is kinda annoying in VK, i mean how many bands are smoke free? We can count them down on one hands.
But i suspect that is a problem that also has to do with japanese mentality still.

The smeared lipstick :thinking: hmm, never thought too much about it.
Not sure if overkill, but i noticed that Ruki his neck stripes got really popular over the time.

I can’t talk about middle finger 🤦😅 points at my profile photo although my pfp is not a VK bandomen


Showing cigarettes can be fun

But yeаh, I can’t understand why this thing is so popular. I think they show this because smoking is not as common in Japan as in America or other big countries.
I will give my country as an example. Some people start smoking in 6th and 7th grade, and perhaps 1/4 of regular smokers in my hometown start at that age. I had classmates who started smoking when they were 12, and in 7th grade, half of my class were smokers. So I think they’re showing this because it’s more “interesting” and “unusual” for Japanese people to smoke.

For the lipstick everywhere, I love it…
But I’m tired of seeing the same look over and over again


I will be happy if they only change a little the way they make new bags under their eyes with makeup. As a person who sleeps only 5 hours a night, it’s painful to see someone who wants these bags. f7da87ec8389ec8cfe97c914a088fc45

Mhmmmm I was thinking of the same thing, his stripes are iconic, so when I see them in other people, I get a little annoyed :disappointed:

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The smoking and middle fingers are usually there just to try to make them seem rebellious I think. No issue with middle fingers at all, as for cigs sure they look cool but it’s just dumb imo, especially when it’s a vocalist, do they not care if it fucks up their voice? Even though I would always hang out with smokers I could never understand it, like you waste lots of money to just ruin your body and potentially give you a slow and painful death and there isn’t even a reward or anything… Like I can understand someone using hard drugs or alcohol because at least they can make you happy/feel good but cigs are just as bad or worse for your health and you get nothing out of it. In the end I believe people should have the right to put what they want in their bodies so if that’s their choice i wouldnt stop them or hold it against them but I just dont understand it lol.

Also idk why but I was under the impression a lot of Japanese people smoked? Idr where I heard that so could be completely wrong though.


I’ve read somewhere a lot of vk musicians (I guess it could also be people in general) pick up smoking because of stress, but lately I saw some of them quitting or at least attempting to quit.

As for things I’ve seen too much of, aside from smeared lipstick, there’s this specific way of eye makeup probably just to make the eyes look bigger, but to me it just looks kinda weird. xD I’m no makeup expert, tho and might be just nitpicking.

Example of what I mean.


All these things are cool. That is why.

Depends where you’re comparing it to, but around 27% of Japanese men smoke, so it’s certainly not uncommon.

A lot of Japanese people smoke……idk where people got the idea that they don’t…Asia was much slower to hop onto the “cigarettes will literally kill you oops” train. Smoking and drinking are common social rituals, it’s just something you do with the boyz. A cigarette can also be a nice excuse to get outside and away for a moment of quiet, which I can imagine is a rarity for noodles. Smoking is probably one of their few peaceful moments to actually take a photo in. Also, it’s lowkey really fun to play with blowing smoke out of your mouth and see how it looks on camera. :dragon::dragon_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face:


I think the eye makeup thing you’re talking about is the sort of under-eye space that is left uncolored? What @vikingsoup was calling eye bags is actually a little layer of fat that I don’t know the proper Japanese term for, but is called aegyosal in Korean.

It’s supposed to mimic the little bit of fat that some kids have on their bottom lid that makes them look cute when they smile, and it used to be such a big deal in Korea that girl would pump their undereye areas with filler to mimic that cute, youthful look (but it usually make them look like they were having an allergic reaction tbh). I think that’s what the makeup styles are trying to do here too, by leaving a bold, light striped to “lift” the imaginary aegyosal region and then drawing a darker line underneath to create the illusion of a shadow. It makes your eyes look cuter and conveniently conceals REAL dark circles/eye bags

Like this, but your makeup artist is on ACID


If that’s the case it makes more sense now. xD

it makes their eyes look larger and vaguely caucasian from the distance + a bit of smokey eye helps them look younger when contrasted to pale skin.

*to stay skinny… every smoker I used to know in the past blew the f. up when they had to quit. bandmen are literally like lifetime smokers.

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