VK Patches for Line 6 Pod Go

Does anyone have any patches/presets for the Line 6 Pod Go? I saw that Uruha from the GazettE uses a Line 6 Helix for international tours now so I decided to go for the cheaper processor.

I know it’s not a helix but I’m hoping that because it’s more affordable maybe some of you here use it or know someone who does.

Any patches would be great clean or distorted

Mostly looking for:
Dir en grey
the GazettE
Crystal lake

LTD V 401DX (EMG 81/85)
LTD F 155DX (ESP pickups)
Sterling Majesty 7 String (stock pickups)
Boss Katana m1 100watt
Ampeg BA-210

Thanks in advance

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yo! since you are aiming for uruha stuff I am guessing you saw his line6 interview. Placater Dirty (Friedman BE-100) and the Badonk are what he is mainly using in the amp block so probably best to just try and work on some stuff yourself since your guitars pickups vary (active/passive) and matching the tone and levels from someone who made something for their rig and such will be hard. Uruha used 3rd party IRs too which causes a problem for matching. I am not using helix much these days but I do have some presets for the stuff I use if you wanna fiddle with them or have questions on the sound design. cheers!

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I’m looking for just about anything, although I’m not sure if the helix presets will work with the pod go. At NAMM they were pointing out it wasn’t part of the helix family.

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ah man if it is that far off from the helix maybe will just have to go with your ear (which is usually best anyways) if you have any questions about the blocks and models etc. just hit me up!