vkei magazine Cure to pause publication + goes digital

After almost 20 years, visual kei magazine Cure will temporarily suspend publication after the June 2022 issue, which will be published on 4/21.


I don’t think that’s temporary. It reads pretty final to me, unfortunately…


Sad to hear but has anyone really bought Cure in recent years?
even in CD stores here you can find magazines left over from years and years ago,
seems like a kind of pointless medium for bands to pay to be put in features now with
the net, and free magazines charging less. Still sad to hear it is closing up.
It does seem final by the wording too~


yeah honestly as much as I love Cure, I haven’t really bought any issues in the last few years cuz it’s mostly bands I’m not interested in. I also have some older issues which are way more interesting because of the vk boom and the fashion back then, plus the bonus posters and makeup tutorials. The newer stuff just isn’t as interesting, yet I’m still sad about this nonetheless.


As someone in the scene a long time, who remembers when the first one came out (and how hard it was to get later ;; ) it’s just really disheartening and sad to lose yet another thing that felt like a pillar of the scene. I think even for newer fans it just sucks to see yet another thing to, too.

I hadn’t bought one in a long time because of the same reasons- usually not interested in the current bands but also that it wasn’t as easy as it used to be to get, especially considering current shipping prices. Seems like hardly any western outlets, if any at all, carried the magazine anymore? In the mid 2000s, it was quite easy to buy them from places like Jpophouse, or your local anime convention, etc. I think that hasn’t been the case for a good while now, though not sure how long. I just hope this doesn’t make it really painful trying to get the older issues, there’s so many I missed or sold that I’d like to get.


I kind of stopped buying them because of the high shipping costs. And there are no stores in my country who sells them. Cure never sold to overseas fans themselves which is a pity.

also the way how bands got featuered and also the cover artist didn’t get an English translation anymore, made the magazine also less interesting. Also cure was great in discovering fun new bands while now mostly only already well know bands got interviewed as featured artists.

The first 40 issues are still the best.


I’m way out of touch with Cure because I’m way out of touch with the new bands, but Cure was always THE magazine for me. I have so many pre-2010 issues. Magical, sad

I bought like half of last years issues at the store, they dont order many copies and I’m usually not lucky enough to grab one but this is sad to me. Will try to get a copy of the last one I suppose…

yess the first era was amazing @__@!
they even had them for sell in my crap farm people hometown’s hot topic.
It was amazing to have a physical medium of this niche thing I’d loved for years now in front of me, felt like a great validation and inspired me alot.

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I don’t own the newest issues anymore but I just checked out the last issue I have from 2017. That one feels way more boring than the first 40~50? issues? Somehow they started to not really introduce unknown newer bands anymore and only those who already are in the picture of everyone. I really loved that CURE really was THE magazine you could discover yet unknown or not that known visual bands. Lately they had maybe 1 unknown artist artist or just a starting up band.
I still wonder if I want to buy a few recent back numbers, but I don’t really feel like it. 1200yen is a bit of expensive for not that interesting content.

Might they even grave their own grave.



it became a magazine taking money for features only it seems >.<

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12000 yen for a magazine? Better be some good hd porn for that money.


With Maria Cross and Danchou

i bought one in 2019 at tower records. if i could buy issues in person easily, i would care more. i used to work for magazines and the industry as a whole is dead/dying. i’m surprised they lasted as long as they did tbqh.

the featured artists for the last Cure are Vivarush and Kisaki

I wished they would have focused more on, less known bands… already know bands featured is just boring and gives nothing new.


Well, found last two… Cashier also pointed out very sadly that they’re not releasing any more :broken_heart: it wasnt always good but I will miss seeing them a lot…


Cure has returned somewhat as an online project as of 7/21, where they have exclusive online interviews with current visual kei bands.


Sad news, overally. One of my fondest vk memories are with these magazines and the amazement i felt looking/reading through. The number with Phantasmagoria x Rentrer en Soi has always a huge part of my soul :crystal_ball:

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