Vo.喰榴 (Ryuketsu) (エルム (ELM), KAMIKAZE BOYZ, Ma'die Küsse, ...) has passed away

Vo.喰榴 (Ryuketsu), also known as JEKYLL (ジキル) has passed away on march 13 from an illness. A funeral was held only for his family and friends.

He was famous for being the vocalist of bands such as エルム (ELM), KAMIKAZE BOYZ, Ma’die Küsse and more recently 流れる血は君のために (Nagareru Chi wa Kimi no tame ni).



I’m very sad! Rest in peace my little Jekyll. :sob:

RIP :cry:

This is so fucking disheartening. Jekyll has been around for so long, it’s like we lost a legend. I was never really into Elm and I never listened to his past bands, but I could tell the dude was fucking committed to his craft. I remember when he posted his flyer collection on twitter and I got super jealous of rare ones he had of After effect and other small 90s bands.

I need to give Elm another try. This fucking sucks.


What kind of illness? Any details? I don’t speak much Japanese so I can’t read anything about it.

It doesn’t say anything other than he died suddenly “due to illness.” Let’s not speculate and just be mournful and remember a man who’s had a long career in the industry.


That’s sad. I like him a lot when he was in カミカゼ少年團 , R.I.P.

R. I. P i saw this message on twitter and scrolled past without reading… I had no idea he passed. Time to revisit elm’s disco today

Ai (gulu gulu) wrote a message about Jekyll :heart:


That’s so sad to read. R.I.P

Nagareru Chi wa Kimi no Tame ni (流れる血は君のために) has officially ended activities and have published their last look:

Rua (ex-ELM) statement below. He states that Jekyll did not take his own life, and was dressed in an ELM costume while ELM’s music played at his private funeral.

Nina (ex-ELM) statement:

An (ex-ELM (as Boogie), currently in XAA XAA) statement:


Jekyll’s latest release. :cry:

Inventory is sold again starting today.

Memorial live “Good night” will be held on 5/18 at Shinjuku Reny in memory of vocalist ジキル (Jekyll). Three of his former bands will participate.

More details will be revealed at a later date.

カミカゼ少年團 (Kamikaze Boyz)
流れる血は君のために (Nagareru Chi wa Kimi no Tame ni)


guest vocals:
yuya (Develop One’s Faculties)
Jojo (the Gallo)
Rei (escape from sorrow)
Danchou (NoGod)
和泉隆宏 (Izumi Takahiro) (ex-ROMAN Kyuko, Sibilebashir)