Vo. KIRITO (Angelo) 3 new singles release

Vo. KIRITO (Angelo) 3 new singles will be released as follow :

  • 2022/03/23 “ANTI-MATTER”
  • 2022/04/06 “INTO THE MIRROR”
  • 2022/04/20 “RAID”
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Looking forward to them! :slight_smile:

Excited for this… His solo career was very good, i’m glad he continues music.

( btw new website looks very clean, japanese start to do better website ? xd )

He shot some MVs :

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ohhh that’s a trademark kirito chorus over there, can’t wait


Awesome news!

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I feel a bit shame to say I prefer Kirito in Solo than Angelo x) Solid track, I like the overall sound too, very lively.


same tbh

this reminds me of HELLO quite a bit, interesting throwback

Yes I agree haha ! It has this HELLO feeling

I used to think the same, but Angelo grew on me. I remember LOVING old KIRITO tracks pre 2010 though, they were all so good.

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Pretty cool! It also reminded me of HELLO and later-era PIERROT in general, that sort of vibe.

I’m looking forward to his other new tracks more now. :slight_smile:

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Sounds almost indistinguishable from Angelo, which is, needless to say, a good thing. I haven’t been that impressed with his solo material in the past, but if he puts out a whole album that sounds like this, I’ll definitely be picking it up

New video just dropped, this time it’s the obligatory light poppy song:


a bop

LOL at the Youtube clown nose on our favorite PIERROT

Reminds me of the 2007-2008 KIRITO stuff. I really like it.

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Into the mirror is too generic for me… ! He did this too many times ^^

Here’s the last of the three-single campaign:

Quite nice imo! I just hope there’s a future full album announcement soon… :slight_smile:

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into the mirror is a bit too generic (but very lovely, I had it on repeat for some time)

I appreciate the mid-life pierrot sound being brought back by him, but I don’t really like raid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I feel like he’s been quietly keeping away the best songs over past five years judging by how uninspired most of angelo’s recent albums have been.

will miss thing be able to give us an album we all were waiting for since pierrot’s comeback concerts?