Vocaloid Covers/Producers in VK

So yeah, since I found a few days ago Jilukas Cover of “Ghost Rule” I was wondering If there are more Bands out with Vocaloid Covers or even use/produce it themselv.
I know the VAs which are Out and that Izumi of Madeth Gray’ll had Released smth tho I sadly dont find it anymore.


I remember that Blesscode did a Cover of „lost story“ a track made by the composer Yuyoyuppe who is most famous for his work Palette and Leia (funfact: he did also the mixing for devour from Bataar)
Sadly I don’t find it on YouTube anymore.

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DIAURA also did a cover of “Lost Story” composed by Yuyoyuppe, and MEJIBRAY did one of “Gaichuu” composed by utsuP. Both covers are in an album called “Vocaloid vs V-rock Collection”, released in 2012. I don’t know much about the other bands in it, but I guess it’s worth checking.


Ummm one of the best vocaloid covers of all time. Especially track 2 on this release:

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Totally forgot about this one, absolut banger :pray:

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Kamijo collab with Hatsume Miku. :smiling_face_with_tear:

KAMIJO & 初音ミク「私たちは戦う、昨日までの自分と」Full - YouTube


Before their debut as アンフィル (anfiel), the band was known as “Gomame Rock”, a vocaloid-cover band. vo.Shougo’s solo covers, which he did up until the band’s first few singles, were under the “Gomamelon” moniker.

【ごまめろっく】「in the rain」を演奏してみた。(live映像付き) - ニコニコ動画 (live footage starts at 1:24)

vo.Yuuki (ex. Lycaon) did a cover of Gekka*Midori Botan

gt.Makoto (ex. Anfinit) composed a vocaloid cover of their song Reminisce, which was also the name of their band (レメニス) prior to debuting as Anfinit.
vo.Anzu (ex. ABOO/DOWNER) did a cover of Ghost Rule, but he ended up deleting his channel, where it was the only video.
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Kururu is basically a vocaloid cover band since the bassist does his own vocaloid music.

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Chizuru ex-Pentagon


Nagisa from Rides In ReVellion made a vocaloid cover over his own song, Beautiful Name. 閉鎖空間 - 闇音レンリ オリジナル - YouTube

The ballad was originally dedicated to his pet hedgehog whom passed away, but the lyrics in this vocaloid piece are different from the original song.

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Kurosaki Mahiro from Kiryu did a few, personally I really like this one (^^)

Tact (ex-Avilis)

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Dunno if he still does them now, but Hayato from Libravel used to do covers.

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