[WANTED] メトロノーム demo cd's & cassettes

Hi, I am still after some demo cd’s and cassettes by メトロノーム (metronome).
Since it is not well documented which ones were released, I will list those that I have, so please contact me when you have one that is not on the list. Or check my website which lists all, to me, known releases plus it mentions those which I don’t own.

[1998.02.22] プラネット (released under the band name ピコピコポン)
[1999.02.20] 8bitガールズ ブラボー
[1999.05.09] 東京バビロン
[2000.05.07] 致死量フリーク (note; three versions exist and I have all three)
[2001.02.09] プラネット
[2001.02.22] 世界はみんな僕の敵
[2001.04.06] レリジョン
[2001.xx.xx] 東京バビロン (no idea when this was released, but at least between 04/2001 and 12/2001)
[2002.01.26] プチ天変地異 (issued in at least three different colors, green, blue and yellow. I have the green one)

[1999.07.26] Single Top Religion
[2000.12.09] アリガト
[2002.09.15] 残念僕の人生。
[2003.02.15] 三つ数えろ
[2003.10.25] コンピューター
[2004.06.27] 東京バビロン
[2006.05.02] ボク存在説
[2006.07.29] 絶望さん
[2017.08.25] しゃーたん&めとたん
[2018.09.01] 東京バビロン (リクエスト再録ver.)

Appreciate any feedback! Also when you don’t have anything for sale, but know where I can buy something.

Also note that I am after the real stuff. I don’t need any rips :slight_smile:

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