Was there (aged) beef between cali≠gari and Metronome???

Saw this in Metronome’s 2Chan/5Chan thread recently and I’m curious. There appears to have been some beef between these bands that stems from Cali Gari’s jealousy over Meto doing much better than CG… Here’s what the Anons said (my translation):

“Ishii and Murai hate Meto, Ao hates Fukusuke…”
“Ishii and Murai hate Meto, yeah, but why does Ao abhor Fukusuke?”
“[CG] says they hate [Meto], but it seems like they’re the only ones who don’t know why?..”
“Meto has more sales and are more widespread than Cali Gari”
“I bet Ao’s fuming (about that)”
“But Cuckoo/Kakko happened?” (The Sharaku and Ao collab project)

Well, it can’t just be that… Can it? Did they fight with each other in the past in regards to sales difference? Something more? Is there evidence of these two bands’ members’ beef that any Garists and/or Meto fans know about? That’s what I wanna see :eyes:


If you need a spoonful, here’s the sauce


This is the first time i’ve heard of this. I highly doubt there is beef between the two. Both bands have aged just fine and both have (or at least did have) a popular fanbase.

I don’t think CG would be jealous of Metronome anyway (even vice versa). I mean, both bands went from indie to major, both made a big-enough impact on the Japanese rock scene as a whole, and both have “greatest hits” compilations.

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Idk, but sounds like groundless rumours to me. Don’t get why cali≠gari should be jealous in this case. They made a decent career.


Yeah, I was wondering if there was anything else to it other than sales. Like Tweets that fans of both bands remember that had shade or signs of shade at shared live events. Or some sort of event in the past where they clashed. Seems like I’m getting nada so far, so I guess that’s the case…?

Both bands recently collaborated on a live show at Zepp Yokohama sponsored by Art Pop Entertainment. I don’t think they hate each other because they are both great bands in the visual kei scene, the ones that have nothing to envy of each other.


This sounds very stupid

chan boards are the arsehole of the Internet. Little reason to accept anything that comes out of that group of incels.

Didn’t Metronome get their start alongside Caligari and Guruguru Eigakan? I mean, bands can have falling outs, but I don’t think it ever seemed like they had one


I’m unaware of any real relationship between Guruguru and CG, but I know that Ao and Sharaku are on good terms (hence the mention of Cuckoo/Kakko) these days. I really dunno what Shuuji and Kenjirou think of Meto, though. Meto formed in like '98 but CG was already like 3 Jikkenshitsus into their run by then. I read an interview where Ao talks about that time period ('98) and he didn’t mention Metronome in it. He did mention that he hung out in Shinjuku-2 a lot and I think Meto played some lives around that area so maybe he mentions their connections in another interview but IDK, I gotta read up more I think.

I know Caligari and Guruguru played a lot of events together, although that could’ve been a more recent thing due to their fanbases overlapping. I just know Caligari brought a lot of fringe vkei bands to the spotlight

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this !!