WE WANT THE FUNK!!! Funky songs in J-rock! Let's get into it.


Everyone loves heavy riffs, sick guitar solos, blistering drums - the whole gamut. But I rarely see anyone talk about how MUTHAFUCKIN’ FUNKY things can get in Jrock! So this thread is dedicated to all things FUNKY in Jrock - whether it’s funk-inspired guitar riffs, nasty basslines, or anything that gives you that automatic stank-face, let’s talk about it!

Drop some of your favorite, funky tunes in Jrock, and share some of your thoughts as well!

Here are some of my favorites!

La’cryma Christi - PRIDE

So this was the first La’cryma Christi song that I’d ever heard - had to be around 2005. I’d snagged it from an mp3 rotation site. What I love about this song is that it manages to infuse some funky elements while still retaining that kinda trademark VK melodrama and sinisterness. To the more seasoned and knowledgeable VK fans out there, do yall know of any songs in a similar vein?

SuiseiNoboAz - 水星より愛をこめて

Mukai Shutoku of NUMBER GIRL / ZAZEN boys fame actually produced the album this song is from, and so it’s no surprise that Suisei took several cues from him - most notably vocalist Ishihara’s almost spoken word-esque delivery. Love the main riff here, and the bass is as silky smooth as it gets. The latter half of this song is just ridiculous. Thoroughly funky, but also thoroughly kickass.

6EYES - 発狂したまま生活出来てる

This song is a recent favorite of mine. 6EYES are no stranger to groove, and this song is definitely that. But what really made me include this song here is the instrumental part at 1:45 that essentially serves as the hook of the song. Automatic stank face.

tricot - 右脳左脳

tricot have generally been more miss than hit for me, but when they get their act together, they can churn out some great stuff. What I love about this track is how they seamlessly incorporated some funky playing with their typical indie/mathy sensibilities. Really well done.

LITE - Phantasia

LITE was always a technically impressive instrumental band, but back when this album came out, they really pushed their sound further by BRINGING THE FUNK! This song has all of the intensity of their usual math rock, but the additional funk is the cherry on top!

the band apart - AKIRAM

These guys are well known in the indie world for having an eclectic outlook on music, and as such, one of the genres they’ve melded into their style is funk. This track is a fantastic example and one of my favorites.

オワリカラ (OWARIKARA) - 勇敢なるビイヒヤナウ

Early OWARIKARA were fantastic at creating funky tunes that were catchy and accessible, but also RAW at the same time - with the perfect dose of chaos.

ヒトリエ - Loveless

wowaka (RIP) was one of my favorite composers in Jrock, and he often incorporated a lot of funky elements into his work. This song is here simply because I love the bassline. Simple, but highly affective.

KING BROTHERS - spaceship

Even tho I wouldn’t call this entirely funky, there are definitely some nods to funk in this garage rock number.

8otto - SRKEEN

It wouldn’t be 8otto if it didn’t at least have just a hint of funk in it!

撃鉄 (GEKITETSU) - 鐘

GEKITETSU was more known for their upbeat and energetic post-punk sound, but here they really got into a groove and added some extra funk for good measure.

NUMBER GIRL - delayed brain

The legendary NUMBER GIRL. This one has a very subdued and laidback funk to it.

Zazen Boys - Weekend

and since I mentioned NUMBER GIRL, let’s not forget Mukai’s other band ZAZEN BOYS and the awkward funk of “weekend”!!!

I’ll be back when more come to mind. What funky Jrock songs do yall enjoy?


Just impulsively ordered this CD because Syu might be on it? Pretty jazzy instrumentals, looking forward to hearing the rest. It seems like this project gives each musician showcase time, and the solos can get pretty funky. I like this one too:

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Some off the top of my head.


Speaking of Zazen Boys


You made this thread so i can post Nevrness again, right :joy:
The slap line from Hexerei should go into the funk corner musicial wise.

Now correct me if i am wrong, but i think One Eye Closed’s Blood Rain should have funk elements or a hint towards it

Now i am not an expert about funk, but i think @Jojo_b you posted quiet a bunch of songs where i am missing anything that makes go “yeah that sounds like funk”
Maybe you can explain why you think they belong into this thread, would be cool

Also because Funk wouldn’t be without Jazz
We got a thread for jazz-influenced songs too, maybe someone figures out a song would fit better there


I could be wrong since I don’t know too much about funk myself, but there’s certain rhythmic elements within each of the songs I posted that give me funk vibes. Just something you can shake your head to and feel the beat.

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Furukawa Yutaka. Guy is friends with the band apart, especially the bassist. Guy’s songs are really funky.

フルカワユタカ feat.原昌和 (the band apart)


Diru have some along their discography but this is my fav for sure!

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Can’t believe JohnN is posting joppin:cal and not me :joy:

Aaahh ok. That understandable


Not me shilling JDA again


Maybe not what everyone’s minds immediately jump to when they think of J-rock, but holy shit if this song isn’t funky as hell


What about near enough the entirety of Unite’s “NEW CLASSIC” album? That was some pretty funky business.