What are you doing?

I didn‘t find a general topic for this, I hope I didn‘t miss one.

For those like me who take things very literally the question does include things you‘ve just stopped doing or are about to do etc. Not just stuff you are literally doing while typing.

I started the topic so let me also answer it.

I‘m crocheting which I‘ve been hyperfixating on for a good half year. And I’m listening to music (wondering when the hyperfixation will wear off).

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Watching Ramsay’s Best Restaurant.

Just got off work. Eatin Taco Bell.


Looking at JRockOne :laughing::laughing:

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sitting on my ass


Playing Animal Crossing :v:

I’m getting ready to go out to have drinks with friends. I insisted on Monday that I really want to go. Now I’m regretting it because I’d rather sit at home.

Update: I managed to be on time, went out, had a good time, came home. The biggest obstacle is always leaving.

Something i’ve been thinking about recently is travelling. Never flew out of USA and only ever been here. Wonder what it’s like out. Japan seems cool anc I hope to see at least one of my favorite bands there one day.

Trying to keep up in english class fried

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getting some Yiddish books from here.