What are you watching?

Finished a bunch of anime recently:
-jujutsu kaisen
-the first two seasons of demon slayer
-black jack film
-fushigi yugi ova

currently watching:
black clover
demon slayer arc 3
ergo proxy
the legend of black heaven
my hero academia
spice & wolf
death note
wolf’s rain
jojo’s bizarre adventure golden wind arc

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Up to date on both Rings of Power and House of the Dragon, both getting better by the episode. Episode 4 of HoD is up there with the best GoT episodes. I need to watch the last season of The Last Kingdom and figure out something else to watch. Really don’t want to watch The Witcher since the games don’t interest me in the slightest.

Currently watching Toy Story 3.

It’s excellent but it’s so long that I have had to pause my watching several times while en route to complete it.

Today I will like to finish watching it but I’ll have to see. Too much needs doing.

I wish Hollywood movies would be a max of 1 hour and 15 minutes anything longer and someone is not doing a good job with editing, I think. Surely they could cut down on a movie’s length and take out unnecessary parts. Thereby making it less tedious to watch.

The finale of The Last Kingdom was excellent. I’m on episode six of Vikings: Valhalla which has been much more enjoyable than the original Vikings series.

Started Devil in Ohio.

Finished Devil in Ohio, now watching Midnight Mass.