What happened with the Seo Taiji´s first band members?

I was listening to Taijis 5~Live Zero 04 album´s for first time in years, and was wondering what happened to the band members after Taiji went mia till Atomos.

Top continued working with him all the way till Quiet Night…but since kind of looks ST is not coming back (at least soon) is Top in any band worth checking? and what about Rock, Monkey and Heff?
Personally I liked this “first” band much more than the later one (maybe because ST´s musical direction too) and despite some clear Korn and similars ripoffs they sounded pretty good live.

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You mean like “Seo Taiji and the boys” band? I think one went on to form YG entertainment .
Seo Taiji is a hottie 8D~

Nope, I mean the live band that played with him for his first 3 solo albums.

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Yeooo, what happened to Hefty?