What is really appreciated in vk nowadays?

As the title says,what is more popular?
I think indeed metalcore and kirakira
In small portion ‘90 bands still active and still trying—/revival after long time
And then kote homage
Are you happy how it’s evolved vk trough the years?
Personally I rarely like new bands


personally i get the feeling 20s kei is very bright, crisp, fresh - loose strings, single coils, a ‘cool’ sounding vocal that’s closer to natural than past decades

that’s just my imho tho!


The young kids all wanting to do djent stuff it seems with no knowledge of older vk just a kind of “if I do this ill be popular” have had some guys say as much to me, but musicality is second to the idol aspect for lots of bands so even some of the indie labels here do not even give musical support(recording etc) to bands but only visual stuff.
lots of girls just want to move around (again similar to idol lives) so darker stuff like metal core or djent etc is more popular, fits the fashion too. Plus it is easier to pay some metal core guys to be your ghostwriter also, kirakira ghostwriters exist of course but from my experience the bearded metalcore guys making songs for younger bands is more prevalent. $$$
neo kote kote oldschool stuff has lots of older fans who are kind of scary and scare off some younger fans who may be interested to go to gigs but they dont wanna deal with that so thats really just a small niche.

So basically if you look like some anime host guy even if your songs suck and its all overproduced crap it is more likely to be popular but not to the point where you dont have to do some sketchy things on the side to make money, thus all the scandals haha.


ngl it’s one of my dreams to buy a track from a vkei ghostwriter & see how well i can execute on it


haha it can be done!

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The metal/-core/loud bands, I find are most prevalent, at least for foreigners over the past 15 years. If I name-drop any bands I find recognizable to the largest swathe of people, they’re likely going to fit that category, straddling the line between “traditional” and Western metal sub-genres. Two-fold, I also find that the perception of success has changed from “making it” in a domestic sense, to making it in the West. Somewhat parallels how a number of breakout vk bands have become less “visual kei” has they go major, etc. If your sole intent is to grow in popularity, you either appeal to the lowest common denominator or go broke.

As for everything else in Visual Kei, its current state is very difficult to judge at the moment. For the past nearly-two years, the catalysis for new bands, being multi-band live-shows, has been disrupted. It’s easy to overlook, but there are a number of bands that are still on “pause”, and it’s like the Schrodinger’s cat of statuses. I feel like “indefinite hiatus” is more definitive than going radio silent on social media. As a result of that, less popular vk-subgenres, particularly on the lighter side of things, have over the last year, diversified in idol groups, YouTube, etc. There has been much improvement since 2020, but I think bands have started to see the benefits of trying other activities for financial stability, or rather just “stability”.

So, with that spiel out of the way, TL:DR:

  • metal/-core/loud are the most popular and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

  • If you’re in kirakira or koteosu (but not B.P), beyond just lives, utaite, idol-groups, YouTube, and streaming are all good options. Go as animu as possible (like mentioned in other posts.)

  • Oldschool, tanbi, or anything ft.KISAKI is what keeps the 35+ alive, so go ham.

  • Menhera is what keeps everyone younger alive/mentally questionable also go ham.

*Forgot to clarify, I consider “metal/-core/loud” to be an umbrella from bands like DEVILOOF all the way to ones like ACME, the similarities being dark-but-not-gothic with tinges of the quoted metal subgenres. (I wish there was a better term to use.)

*Also, like previous music generations, each subsequent one re-appropriates/re-contextualizes the previous. I notice “visual kei” has started to be thrown around for pure aesthetics, like an artist or group “going” visual kei, but they just have pastel hair and eyeshadow.


MIDI drums


i mean… recording drums i such a thing, either you have to pay to rent a drumset to record, or you transport your own one, meanwhile what you need for a guitar or bass? not a lot
so i kinda understand the usage of midi drums
(but i gotta admit that my ears are kinda deaf to bad midi drums)

why they are all bearded? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
They gotta pay their bills somehow too XD

Wasnt that always and everywhere a thing? Good looking people can sell their stuff easier that “ugly” ones

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The thing is now it is easier than ever to record drums, especially in Tokyo.
Go to Noah rehearsal studio, choose “drum recording mic set” which is only 5$ an hour, if you need a multitrack recorder/interface that is only a few bucks too there. With only 2 or 1 person the room fee is also super cheap, so basically you could record drums here in Japan for like 30-40$ for one song with high quality equipment. If you are a band without a drummer: Fiverr,can get a pro to record a song for that same amount. So if they are willing to pay 1k for clothing but zero effort for the actual music they instantly loose my respect tbh.

Good looking people can sell there stuff easier but now it is completely about image not content, Look at them Laputa boys and other 90s vk bands, not all are some plastic lookin types but their music will last on because the focus was not just on appearance and quick sales >.<;