What is your favorite song of Chiba Yusuke?

Recently - 10th of July, - the legendary vocalist of the Japanese rock scene, the author of great lyrics and just a cool man Chiba Yusuke celebrated his 53rd birthday. He is well known for bands such as Thee Michelle Gun Ellephant, ROSSO and The Birthday.
I am very interested to share with you my favorite songs performed by him, and also to know which of his songs you like:


TMGE makes me want to drink pathetically in the cheapest bar

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Yo, kaminari today is so great, heard it in Kurozu zero

There’s another one from ROSSO, a very sad murder story

As much as I love TMGE, I think The Birthday’s Namida ga Koboresou is the overall winner for me.

For TMGE, probably Danny Go.

I love the energy of the stuff before Chiba started playing guitar more often like Black Tambourine too though.

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