What video are you watching on YouTube?

The Icelandic “volcano” did it again! Here goes my youtube time for the next weeks/months.

I’ve been revisiting videos on the international off-brand flavors of visual kei (and vk derivative) subculture like the Pokemón and Shamate. The latter has apparently made a comeback into the mainstream limelight, and I’m thoroughly confused but fascinated.

Pretty sure I saw these guys (not the ones in this particular video) back in the early 2010s while surfing the internet and thought it was just Chinese scene culture. It’s now this weird mixture of kpop and vk fashion tropes, with the whole ktv host/early-edm elements mixed in.

*c-drama is more three-kingdoms/straight-laced than I assumed, so no relation. I wonder where the suits come from, then.

This has a bit more info on the founder:


This is so fascinating, thanks for sharing! Time to go down a new internet rabbithole ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


That’s a really nice grill…

I can’t believe I laughed at this.

Lol, this captures his energy so well.

I’ve had this impression that “jirai” girls are just the 量産型 JE fangirls who took a wrong turn for a while now and this video makes me feel vindicated ( … important disclaimer: obviously JUST JOKING no I don’t think vk is a wrong turn )

VanessA Rebirth of Chaos full live. I love how they snubbed everything after nao left. Koichi who?

God, they let Altare go full yandere serial killer and he sang the “come and play” line from “Top of the World” in his demon voice. Perfection.


Perfection. Wish it was full length


It’s been a while since I’ve thought about soap shoes, or heelys for that matter, lol. TBH, at that point, why not go for inline skates.

So Goddamn cool I love Loudwire.


so … Yuta living his best life huh

The fact that Magni also drew himself getting assaulted by tentacles on stream…

Get me in there