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What’s up, my name is G. I’m a student in community college and I am planning to transfer to a CSU to then major and get a BFA in Graphic Design. Just joined this forum about a week ago. Looking forward to meeting people who appreaciate music as much as I do.

I’ve liked Visual-Kei and other kinds of music from Japan for while now. The way I discovered V-kei was when i first saw a Dir En Grey PV back in 2008-'09 ish and just really liked what I heard and watched ever since. At the time I was into Slipknot, Deftones and other metal bands so i instantly liked Dir En Grey. I got to see them in 2019 for the first time in Sacramento, California which was so sick and definitely a highlight for me.

Being from America I pretty much know almost every band or artist from here so I kinda just wanted to expand my musical interest much more and this is how far it is come. Cheers!


The sun is up… :wink:

I gave you your own little intro thread, as it should be.
I think I talked with you already before. Nice to see you making a little intro, that’s great.

Looking forward to see you around :person_gesturing_ok:

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