When do you listen to music?

Nowadays it seems like a lot of the time people are listening to music when they are on the go like walking from one place to another or in the car. Some people have used this as a reason to explain why a lot of music listeners don’t care about their music being lossless or not since they aren’t using any special equipment to listen to it. I find this kind of sad (not the lossless part but the fact that it seems people don’t really focus on the music).

Around March last year I decided to exercise when I listen to music on my home theater system. So for forty minutes or so I do pushups and other core exercises while my PS3 plays a CD. I’ve found it pretty helpful in terms of keeping me active every day. And I think it helps me focus on the music more.

I’m curious how people here listen to music.


I do notice people use music as basically background noise most of the time for work and don’t actually focus on it. People just like to put on headphones so they can ignore the work environment which I think is valid. When you ask what kind of music they like to listen to, they go blank lol. I personally can’t listen to certain types of music while working. I end up losing focus and just drift along with the music especially if they are in English. Hence why I am into non-English music lol

I listen mostly during the night due to the less ambient noise. It helps the music have a cleaner sound and it is a lot more engaging to listen to.

For workouts, music is more of a distraction or a way to not feel the burn. I don’t fully listen to it.

I also listen a lot during drives (pre-covid). People wonder how I can do 2 hours of transit a day, I’m like “listen to good music”.


Listening to music while driving is my favorite, but I also enjoy listening to music while working, walking, reading, shopping, eating, sleeping/falling asleep, staring into the void, or doing pretty much anything that doesn’t require me to listen carefully to what’s going on around me.


I usually listen to the music when I prepare my classes, download something, write or type something, update my “software repo”, and work on my hard drives full of m4a and iso files (tagging, renaming, etc.).
when I update my repo, I only listen to retrogame tracks basically for some reason. while eating and doing the cleaning, I often listen to podcast related to Linux and BSD. and my PC is always on except sleeping.


I listen to music while commuting to work. I spend two hours a day in public transport. When I’m going alone somewhere (shopping etc.) or walking my grandma’s dog. I listen to it while playing Binding of Isaac, only Binding of Isaac. I destroyed far too many games for me, thanks to making connection between the game and music. To Binding of Isaac for some reason no song or album stucks for me.
When I am at home and listening to music I need to walk around the flat. I don’t like doing nothing and just listening, too much. I like looking out of the windows while listening. I like creating memories with music basically. There is something magical about connection between music and certain weather, city scenery or seasons of the year.


Always? Haha. When driving, at work most of the time (I can with one earplug), at home, when going smoking. Music is everything to me, so yeah, but my favorite time is listening to music in my car when it’s parked in my job’s parking relaxing before going in and smoking ^^ Without music, I would probably be not much :slight_smile: There’s not a day without music, even when I’m very tired and do not much, I usually listen for about an hour or so.

I also love to watch live DVDs. But my phone is my main asset, I drain my battery so much because I listen to lots of music ^^


I’m kinda weird about music, I’m one of those people who absolutely must focus on music without doing anything else excepting idle games or sometimes reading. VK always gets my full attention. In my opinion, it deserves nothing less, as it’s good music made as art and not as part of a large-scale industry like pop music. I’m also very comfortable with silence and have an unusually high resistance to boredom so I don’t like listening to it during work (I’m not allowed but that’s besides the point), work-outs, commutes, gaming (minus idle and rhythm games of course), studying, zoning out etc.

In fact, when I was first getting into it, I would spend like 4 hours a day just listening to music and not doing anything else, which sounds really weird to a lot of people but I was really obsessed with VK and constantly trying to find new artists to listen to. It just made me feel… Just that, feel something. I never had a hobby quite like it before.

Nowadays I have much less time for it given my job and post-secondary schooling, but I still listen in my spare time, especially at night or late at night, when I don’t have anything else planned but sleep. It’s my secret, but I often dance to the songs by favourite bands at like midnight. It’s a great way to stay limber, lemme tell ya!


Personally, I love listening to music while I’m walking or travelling. I used to commute 1.5~2 hours in either direction to university, so I had a lot of time where I’d just be looking out the window or trying to study/work on a packed bus, and music made that go by so much faster. Plus it also gives me an excuse to ignore people when I’m out shopping, etc. :sweat_smile:

Listening to music also pairs really well with drawing and painting for me. It helps me get into a good flow and makes my work look freer. When I think too hard about what I’m drawing it tends to end up looking kind of rigid.


I am the kind of person who actually sits down to listen to music. I might do filler activities like browsing the internet or something, but really the music is in focus. Or I might put it on speakers and pace up and down while listening to it. I must look like some kind of lunatic from the outside. Good thing I’m alone :laughing:. Anyway, I definitely prefer actively listening to music and focusing in it.

And while I usually don’t listen to music during work or driving (most of the time when I’m not at home I prefer to have full situational awareness), I’m not without it, because my brain keeps playing back songs all the time. It’s like having an mp3 player in my head 24/7. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Luckily I don’t have the urge to hum or whistle, but the songs keep playing in my head for sure.


“Whenever” crowd here :slight_smile: I used to spend 2 hours in commuting every day, too, and 12+ hours outside for work/school so I’m used to having earphones on all day. It helps me stay calm and ignore my surroundings in a discreet way, else I wouldn’t handle the routine; Nowadays I’m home more often but I spend all day in front of the computer switching from classes to meetings to Youtube. When laying in bed or playing… I’m probably listening to music as well. Sometimes I burn out though. I like quiet too

I can’t relate to people who “don’t know what they’re listening to while working”, though. Before I know it I’ve forgotten all about the task and am vibing with the song lmao. If a song I dislike comes up on a playlist for instance I’ll have a visceral reaction of “oh no let’s change this”. If I have to concentrate really badly (say, I have to work on an assignment quickly …) I don’t listen to anything. My connection to music happens at an emotional level and I’ve been doing this for so long that its a physical need. Sometimes I’ll be happy or sad and a song will pop on my mind and I have to listen to it or else it’ll keep looping in my brain like it’s fucking purupururin and I’ll be frustrated :frowning: On the other hand I can’t concentrate on podcasts at all.

Can’t say I am bothered by this. I’m very much a “soundtrack of life” kind of person and maybe this is why I enjoy FMVs so much too.


I mostly listen to music when I’m studying. But the music hits hard and different at night while I’m resting. The lyrics, the guitar solos, bass solos and etc will really give me chills and give me warm flashbacks. ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱


When I’m alone.


Well, music is practically always playing while I’m awake. I’m not a person that enjoys silence too much so I always have music playing through my living room speakers (I spent most of my time at home in the living room). But whenever I take a walk outside, or when I’m cooking or doing the dishes, I’ll turn up the volume and listen more intently. A couple times a week I’ll take my laptop to the balcony (where there’s a lovely couch), have a smoke, and look up music clips from whatever band I feel like listening at that moment.

I’ll never leave the house withouth my headphones, and I’ll never have music not playing when I’m at home. And then, sometimes when I’m home alone, I’ll turn the volume up until the walls start shaking and headbang to my favorite songs until my neck is destroyed :slight_smile:

Music is my life, and it has been so since I was around 7 years old. I’m 27 now.


That changes a lot.
Years ago there’s constantly music playing except for I was on the phone (I didn’t see any sense in music playing while I was talking to someone).

Nowadays it’s either playing a lot, definitely during nights (I’m a nighter and not in bed before 5 am). Also for these days most of the day, sometimes through earphones (headphones do hurt due to wearing glasses after like an hour or two), sometimes without. I also always listen to music via earphones while doing house chores like cleaning the dishes (that’s very helpful to get even started for me).
Then there are days when I need more silence. I’m autistic and sometimes sounds are too much. There’s a lot of sounds from other apartments of the house I live in, from outside and all that. And I hear parts of these through music still or would need to get the volume up to where it feels unbearably loud. It’s like taking one sound source out and music is the only one I can influence not those by others.

I don’t differ much between just background music, just on rare occasions I do. Concentrating on music all the while doesn’t work anyway, my mind drifts off too easily. It sometimes works but not always.


I’m listen to music while studyng and drawing.
When I study, I mostly listen to music without lirics, only instrumental, becouse they don’t burden me, but also help me concentrate. I like those from animes. I enjoy listening to them and the learning becomes a much more enjoyable activity.
When I paint, It helps me a lot to give a certain feeling to my drawing, for example dir en grey bring me a cold feeling, then my drawing will have dark colours (if you understand I will give you a virtual cake :cake: ). When I relized that there is something like Visual Kei, I fell in love becouse this genre is not about the music, but about the style and expresion .

And when the neighbours are noisy… the walls are super thin and It’s hard to sleep when some middle-aged crazy people are shouting about a f*cking sausage.


For me, I like to concentrate on the music most of the time, so I either listen to music on my PC or on my stereo system. I have less and less time for the latter one (the ‘true’ immersive experience so to speak) lately, so mostly I just listen to stuff on my computer while browsing the web, reading something or just zoning out.

I never was much of a portable music person, tried listening to music while out-and-about a few times (from having a walkman, a discman and then my phone) but it’s too distracting. If I hear music I feel my attention drawn to it, and I’d rather take in my surroundings instead while I’m on the go.


I can definitely see the appeal of instrumental music. Personally I think I listen to music in phases, sometimes listening to music with vocals and other times listening to video game soundtracks. This past year I got into movie soundtracks and that’s made up the bulk of what I listen to recently. That’s really cool that music influences your art.

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Oh man I am the same way. I guess partly it’s because I don’t really like headphones and the only time I would use them was when I shared a room with someone else, so I never listened to music while on the go. I used a boombox in university when I had my own room and now I mostly listen on my surround system.

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I relate to that — not only does reduced ambient noise increase immersion, I also find it easier to get into a calm and focused mental state during night hours which is equally as important for close listening.


I definitely like to spend time intently listening to albums when I can; I work way too much at my current job though, so consequently a lot of my music listening comes while in my car, or in the background with one earbud in. It’s frustrating sometimes because my earpiece is pretty shitty, and I actually bother with sound quality when I have the time. I’ll need to get new earbuds when I’m not spending money elsewhere :sweat_smile:

It certainly isn’t ideal, but music as background noise enables me to discover new stuff way more frequently. I’ve been getting into a bunch of pop, hip-hop, new wave, and classic/progressive rock in the last year - while still listening to stuff within my comfort zone like rock, metal, emo/indie. If I didn’t listen to music so frequently, I think I’d be more reluctant to try out so many different genres and artists.

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