When is the best time to view a concert DVD?

I often find myself watching longform live footage at night with the lights low. Perhaps this recreates, to an extent, the feeling of being in a venue, but either way it is a peaceful environment to be in and perfect to watch/listen to live music!

So, what is the perfect time for you?

  • Early morning (5am-8am)
  • Morning (8am-11am)
  • Afternoon (11am-3pm)
  • Late afternoon (3pm-6pm)
  • Evening (6pm-9pm)
  • Night (9pm-1am)
  • Late night (1am-5am)

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I get off of work at erratic times, and it often takes me a couple hours to unwind and be able to sleep, and that’s often the time I reach for videos. During the daytime I often have things I can be getting on with, but in the middle of the night there is none of that, and it’s such a pleasure to have one on when everything else is quiet.

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When I feel like watching it I guess. Can be any hour during the day.

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Hate live music, of course one exception is my favorite band but if it was documentary about the album itself or in other words ‘‘making of’’ then fuck yeah late night, hate is a good motivator as any but seeing that work in progress, the blood sweat and tears that go in to making a record not many get to see that.
As an artist you’re judged by the body of your work but what people will focus is what you put out most recently.
I Don’t get live shows, if theres any tangible reason is that maybe the band has a surprise demo song that they’ll play in interludes.

likely night but probably more that i’m not expected to be or do anything around then so it’s more stress free

Time of day doesn’t really matter to me, but I used to really love watching them when I was drawing or painting.

Strange opinion to have. Who doesn’t want to see their favourite bands perform live? Or are you talking about live recordings?

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i pick early morning because for me everything feels more intimate and personal at early morning! I now want to sit in my room and watch a golden bomber concert DVD at 5am to start my day right. it would be the perfect amount of time to watch before school

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