Where is Peggy Giggles ?

I was looking for any info about her and found nothing, did anyone knows something about her actual state ? Her old blog didn’t exist anymore and she didn’t used twitter


Most likely having a normal life

Peggy’s a dude. Anyway, he appears to sometimes participate in indies sesh bands (like daiseidou and bi-zare-ly) but it looks like he’s retired from the scene at large

busy pegging and giggling i guess?


In The Candy Spooky Theater site she put her gender as “shemale” and since i know mostly of shemale go by fem pronoums.

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I’m pretty sure it was a joke/joke translation on how hard it is to translate Onnagata, that’s a derogatory term similar to t****y that most trans people hate seeing used

I know what onnagata is, but she used to have a blog too where she speaks A LOT, 99% time in english so i’m sure she knows what shemale is, and technically shemale is a slur too, it exist just in p*rn industry, it can be a joke i know but since she didn’t stated that herself i prefer to speak this way since there’s trans people who didn’t indetifies themself in male-famale dichotomy and that shemale thing exists even mostly of trans people HATE IT (i know that bc i’m trans too).