where to find old bands ??

so … one of my favourite bands has 3 songs that i cant listen to, because i cant find anywhere but spotify- and even then i cant listen to them because i think i have to be in japan ?? the band is insanity injection + the songs (maybe even albums idk it says albums on spotify) are ‘victim,’ ‘grim reminder’ and ‘denial of existence’

i also really really really want psychotic cabaret but i cant find it anywhere, ive been looking for a year and it just wont show up

does anyone know where i can listen to insanity injection ?? (i can listen to psychotic cabaret + advent of slaughter)
(ive tried everywhere i can think of but maybe someone else knows some niche ass app that has them)


Its not available on youtube?


You may have to get a VPN to listen to their stuff on Spotify.

I also don’t know how legit this site is and you’ll need to use a proxy buyer like CDJapan or Buyee, but they have Psycho Cabaret.


nope, only psychotic cabaret + advent of slaughter :<

thank you so much !! ill give it a go :3

Those specific singles have been taken off Streaming platforms for japan and everywhere else.

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fuck i did think that but i didnt wanna assume the worst

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I have removed the previous comment because this isn’t a section for requesting and fulfilling music files. Only discussions about where to get the music legally are allowed.

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