Which band was this for you?


That would be DatuRΛ

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Doukete Karasu when they released this banger and then fell off within a year or two

Yasashisa no Daishou when they released 1 (one) mini-album and then everyone bailed on the vocalist

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There will be some bands I loved from very beginning but ended up like this.
Envyl started as duo Dierry Call, but i got interested when they formed as a band. Poof, they disappeared.
Rana goes same. 2 Minis and Poof… silence
Zerocre was mediocre (hihi) but i really liked MV track. Released 1 single.
And my biggest pain, Warumono. Their single Hajimari Hajimari was banger for me but they disbanded.


-Roid- . Breaking the black and Happy world were so good.
Devil made, devil and devil.

Both bands were so good. They literally came from nowhere, released several songs, and disappeared.

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My Fairytale

There are a million more bands that feel like that to me, but iirc Xepher had good reception when they were active.

*How could I forget about NIAS… Utter disappointment w/ their circumstances.



Their only release was this single and it was a banger


Quite recent, but this band easily comes to mind. Generic, sure, (and no one would call them saviours of VK) but they could play and the vocalist was a decent screamer, which is rare.

And Guernica/GELNICA are one of my biggest regrets in the last couple years. Releasing like 10 straight bangers, but pretty much just to nerds on Monochrome Heaven. I’d share a different song, but I found only 3 with the rest being purged. And if anyone has all of their stuff archived, I’d be really happy.


Celia’xeno as well


I always felt like these guys flew under the radar, then they just kinda stopped unceremoniously.


Interesting to see the several mentions of Warumono here because this band for me was Dokuga (also being fronted by Takeru). And they disappeared after a year of activities too. Dude apparently can’t hold a band together.

I don`t think they were ever called VK saviours, but for me it was Xodiack and Zodia!