Which disbandment/hiatus hit you the hardest?

Of course, it wouldn’t be Visual Kei without copious amounts of disbandment and the dreaded ‘Hiatus that is just a nice way of saying we’re not coming back’

So which did you feel hit you the hardest or were the worst?

My personal is Shounenki, I remember at the time they were gaining a lot of traction, they were talented, had a fantastic singer and a lot of musical ideas. I don’t know if we ever got a specific reason why they broke up but I felt they were carving out a really good space in the VK scene and would’ve done quite well for themselves.
I also found it quite sad that we never got a full album of new material and that their last single was arguably one of their best songs.


I guess the two I was most devastated by were Aikaryu and Fatima? Aikaryu I knew it was going to happen, but the whole thing that led up to it, the car crash and all the worry over that was the worst. Their drummer ULI broke both of his legs, so it was pretty obvious he was likely gonna end up retiring. I just really really loved that band and wanted the best for them. I think all of them but Teru are retired or inactive now. :sob:

Fatima was mostly just cause I was seriously obsessed with them at the time. I cried a lot watching that final concert lol

I was also pretty upset over Dadaroma’s hiatus becoming a disbandment, even though I hadn’t liked their last few singles. Just seemed like they’d barely gotten on with their new drummer for a short while and then bam. :frowning:



Definitely Moran and DIV. Took me longer than I’d like to admit to recover from DIV’s disband, but I enjoy Acme and The Guzmania, so I’m kinda over it now. Still missing Moran, tho. </3

I am also bitter about Shounenki, because their music was great. I’m not a fan of Amai Bouryoku’s stuff and Rei was such a good bassist and now he’s retired.

I think I could also mention Kagrra, but I really got into their music long after disbandment. Chances of this one ever coming back are nonexistent. </3


Kameleo because the world needs more upbeat cheery music :frowning:

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D’espairsRay, although NUL. made me recover from it. But in the recent days, definetly Gargoyle. It wasn’t technically a disband, but damn, all mambers except Kiba have departed. I know Kiba nowadays is running a support project, but I wouldn’t mind it he made new material with new good members.


I think it was DIV and Kameleo. Kameleo had such an unique sound, it sounded so happy :rofl: I always loved the voice of the singer and he also was in the band kalvary, which I really liked but now it’s all gone. :frowning:

DIV had such nice melodies and I always purchased their releases but later they changed their music style and somehow I forget about them. Later I read that they disbanded and I always had the hope they would change their music style and not disbanding.

You’re so right!

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For me it’s definitely been FeaDior.
But I was new to the indies scene back then, them the first indies band for me. I didn’t know anything about bands coming and going. I had just fallen for them so hard and they did really good after the new members had joined some months before and then they came up with this. Me not understanding anything Japanese at that time, too, so I also didn’t know what they had been posting in their blogs (which might have hinted on this maybe).

Aside from this maybe D’espairsRay but that maybe now after all these years and with Hizumi being back. That makes me miss them almost more than throughout the past years (at least halfway).

Girugamesh, Morrigan, Deluhi, Dadaroma, Mejibray, -Oz-.

The saddest part is that we have no actual newcomer bands that could compete with these.


RANDS. i loved them because well, at first i was like “i love avelcain so i’ll listen to them”, but by themselves i enjoyed their music a lot. i saw their last live with a friend and we cried, lol. ;;

karma’s pretty much disappeared and it makes me sad.

Rentrer En Soi, but it looks like that was probably for the best.

Definitely Deadman.


Kagrra, for sure. Their music, artistry, and sound was unique, and they were one of the first VK bands that I loved and kept up with as they were releasing new material. I remember hearing the news, feeling shocked and heartbroken. After it happened, I had some hope they might get back together in the future, but the devastating news of Isshi’s death wiped that hopeful wish from existence :cry:

The other one would be Vidoll. I know the music they were releasing by then was much different than their Undercode days, but I still enjoyed what they did create. It also didn’t help that both Vidoll and Kagrra, basically disbanded the same year, so I guess it was a musically bad year for me, lol. But it’s great to see that the members from Vidoll are thriving in their new endeavours.


AWOI >.<

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Deluhi and D.I.D.
D.I.D.´s one was particularly sad because they had releases planned ahead for like a year and I was really excited about them, I´m also kinda sad that the only member that stayed relevant in the scene was Issei and the other members were pretty much unheard of.


Since Akane’s world-view affect me a lot,
I still cannot believe they were hiatus like a bubble!


I’m gonna restrain this to “disbands that happened while I was a fan”. For me, the disbands that I really still think about are that of Megamasso’s and Pentagon’s. I miss them so much. I can’t listen to some of their songs without thinking, “These guys had some magic going on and I need more”. Especially Megamasso, I miss our Onnagata king Ryohei so much. But… I shall never have any more. I’m sorry for not loving you guys hard enough when you were still around making awesome music for us :sob:

rentrer en soi (3) D.I.D. (2) OZ (2) unsraw

I really don’t care about the consistent disbands anymore at this point as long as core members shuffle around without heinous major label bait abortions in the process (cough-cough Tenten);
I do hardcore mourn PSC retiring from signing and actively developing new talent - they went downhill with SuG, and never had anyone memorable coming in after that,

and I do miss when FWD didn’t just center their entire output on 300 Dir en grey blu-rays and sukekiyo demotapes.
when I start ranting that I need my VK girlies genuinely unhinged I refer to Daisuke and other scenically depressed FWD icons of mid 00s, not Lets dehyping a mediocre album over numerous embarrassing instagram livestreams.


monochrome heaven :pensive:


9GOATS, KEEL, Ruvie.