Who is a Japanese Bandmember that has the same Birthday as you?

Looks like I have the same birthday as Nagi from Rasen, Mai from Klein Kaiser and Grass, XENO from iDA, and Momo from DAMILA!

Yasu(Acid Black Cherry) :star_struck:

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My birthday is June 8th, so I share a birthday with akira, Johannes (DoF), TERU (GLAY), YU-YA Izumi, BOSS, Reiya (layer), and Silver. (Gin)

November 20, Zen from AvelCain

To my knowledge, Chiaki from DEZERT. As well as Ice from Black Gene, I just found out. Neeeeevermind, wrong month on Ice. Chiaki only that I know of off top.

I don’t think any bandmen share my birthday, it is January 3rd

Nov 20th, yoshikitty for me too

U can search it through vkgy tho

Kami from Malice Mizer.

Update I apparently share the same birthday as 霞 from Evil of Miser along with like 20 other unknown peeps.



眞崎 大輔(ex.0.1gの誤算)

Apparently, Jinya from Unlucky Morpheus as well.

I’m very lucky— Mana-sama (March 19th)!

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August 8th, Yu~ki from Malice Mizer.