Who is a Japanese Bandmember that has the same Birthday as you?

My birthday is in Feb 8 so I have the same birthday as Yuuki from Lycaon (literally my fav member from the band help).

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I can’t recall anyone right now, but there’s a one-day difference between my b-day and one of my fave musicians Ao (cali≠gari). :smiling_face_with_tear:

Mine is Nov 20th. Yoshikitty’s barfday.

There are a few, but Souma (Ashmaze.) is first one that comes to my mind. (August 2nd.)

Ruiza from D and Hina from Azalea, Hurts, etc. it seems

(other than that, Hironobu Kageyama!!!)

Hisashi Imai, Buck-Tick and Issei (D.I.D, Dimlim, Nazare) - Oct 21st

Kuruto from Arlequim - December, 8th

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Do you guys know any band members with July birthdays?


I found this list, don’t known if it’s accurate


1st May - Biosphia
1st Yuhma - Xanvala/Ex Fixer
2nd S - Art Cube
2nd Asuka - Ex Luzmelt
3rd Ryoga - Razor /Ex Born
3rd Koudai - Royz
3rd Nov - The Gallo
4th Gackt
4th Haru - Grieva
4th Rey - Ex Avanchick / Ex Libravel (Ray)
5th Kuina - Royz
5th Ivy – Moran/Ex Dio
5th Takafumi - Monolith
5th Shou - Alice Nine
6th Ryosuke - Wingworks/Ex Lolita23q
6th Takaki - Deathgaze
6th Mike - Jackman
6th Vivi - Visper
7th Soshi - Lolita23q
7th Crim - Elysion
7th Cyllt - Bratbax
8th Kai - Ex Serial Number
9th Ritsu - Realies
9th Ryoya - Vrzel
10th Ray – Born
10th Kiddie Skeleton – Ex Candy Spooky Theater
10th Makoto - The Black Swan
10th Hiroya - the Ø
10th Vambi - Log
11th Takeo - Angelo
11th Kurei - Minerva (now Bidoh - Elysion)
11th Rey - Ex Black Tear
12th Kakeru - Scarlet Valse
12th Taishi - Milla
13th Hayato - Monolith
13th Shitsu - Fi’ance
13th Detto - Ex Develop One’s Faculties
13th Hibiki - Matenrou Opera
14th Yomi - Nightmare
15th Ichirou - Lycaon
15th Ruka - Shiva
15th Sayuki - Chiodo
15th Yu-ta - Bray Kid Break It
15th Hal - Ex Anfiel
16th Hagiri - Ex Velbet
17th Kaya
17th Atsushi - Wizard
17th Mizuki - Danger Gang
17th Taku - Pentagon
18th Kazu - R’evolv
18th Shuhei - Monolith
18th Kazuha - Exdrasill
19th Kamijo – Versailles
19th Souichi - Ex Nightingeil
19th L - The 3rd Birthday
20th Kahiro - Gakido
20th Umi - Vistlip
20th Hiroki - D
21st Saku - Vaastu/ Ex Bellcube
22nd Jin - Screw
22nd Sou - Minerva (now Misogi - Elysion)
23rd Wataru Miyawaki - 12012
24th Madara - Liv’ert
25th Rin - Misaruka
26th Rui - Develop One’s Faculties
27th Azu - Jackman
27th Kousuke - Sforzato
27th Yusuke - Dadaroma
27th Sakurayuki - Orochi
28th Kazuha - Blood
28th Yuh - Vistlip
28th S - Mix Speakers Inc
28th Setsuna - Morrigan (now U - Scapegoat)
28th Yukito - Shiva
29th Yu – Matenrou Opera
29th Shunsaku - Ex Dali
29th Rumina - Log
30th Hiyuu - Lycaon
30th Tano - Reign
31st Zero - D’espairs Ray
31st Natsu - Nocturnal Bloodlust
31st Hiro - Ruvish/Ex Wizard
31st Shogo - BabyKingdom
31st Nao - Alice Nine

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In that case, I have the same birthday as Kai from Ex Serial Number(July 8th)

jaki (ex La’veil MizeriA, SADIES MARRY, etc.) 06/17

If this list is correct :
22/05 Jin - Screw
22/05 Sou - Minerva (now Misogi - Elysion)

Rito (ex. MIZTAVLA, gulu gulu, currently in Mushuzoku Aka). Our birthday is May 10th

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DIR EN GREY formally founded on my birthday; February 2nd 1997 (so on my seventh birthday) they changed their name from DEATHMASK to Dir en Grey so that’s something. I don’t know any actual musicians with my birthday though.

Visual Kei Birthdays by visual-kei on DeviantArt this seems like an accurate list but it’s from 2012 so no recently sprung bandmen there

I share mine with jasmine you (rip sis) assuming his date wasn’t made up for the act


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Oh cool so I share a birthday with HISASHI (GLAY).

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Toru from DEXCORE! Oct 19th. Very coincidental seeing DEXCORE’s my favourite band lol.