Worst Music Purchases

Share your worst purchases whether it was something you overspent on, accidental bootleg, post-purchase regret, etc.

  • Royz - 星に願いを Bootleg (Bought this thinking it was the real thing for $50. I got the actual thing later for 2/3 the price)
  • NEXX - born to be koike (Was meant to complete my NEXX discography. It sounds like literal ass, like not in a funny way either)
  • ロストワールド - えくめのきおく (So you might be surprised why I chose this. I spent nearly $300 (shipping included) to get a 4 single set sent over, ended up with two duplicates, and I barely listen to the track.)
  • グラビティ - 売れたい!! (I bought this in July for $70 on Yahoo before they did a repress in September)
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