XANVALA new single ジャノメ (Janome) and new look

XANVALA will release their single ジャノメ (Janome) on 2020/01/29.

Price: ¥ 3 850


  1. ジャノメ (Janome)
  2. 雨声に帰す (Usei ni kisu)
  3. 左耳の悪魔 (Hidarimimi no akuma)


  1. “Janome” MV
  2. Interview and Talk about 2020
  • 12 pages booklet

MV spot (they’ll upload the full MV if they reach 365 RT)

New look


Sounds great so far apart from the twitter quality, looking forward to it :smiley:


Yeaaaa this band is growing on me hardcore :sweat_smile:
I haven’t seen this style of scream used in a little bit. def the 2010 stuff i love :slight_smile:

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love that raspy screaming, I stan! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Sounds promising, but that quality is just appalling. Will be nice to hear it as intended.

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it’s actually upped in HD! twitter might not allow 3rd party websites to embed it

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Vrzel 2?

I haven’t paid enough attention to this band!
But after listen to this song,
They are so promising, I will start to follow them!

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Oh god, i remember not liking so much the first single they released and sleeped on them since then… but yesterday i gave them a new chance and listened to most of their songs and i liked everything so far! Nice instrumentals and such a charismatic singer, count me in as a fan now


Metal side of VK hasn’t been too great lately but this is awesome

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Full song in HD sounds wonderful. :metal:

I like “CREEPER” but I’m not a huge fan of their other songs … until today. Nice track !