Just a friendly visit from gin! Hope everyone is doing well and safe from the whole pandemic. Been part of TW/MH since idk when. Used to be extremely active, but life happens. I like to log on here and there. Hoping this time i can more active as i used to.
Love the new platform.


Hello, gin! Welcome to the community! Hope you’re safe as well. Vaccines are around the corner, so it’s gonna be better next year.

Glad that you joined us! Not so many people from the TW days are still around. The new platform is pretty cool right? You are free to post anything or start a new discussion if you would like. :sunglasses:

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Welcome gin! Hope you can have fun here :smiley: I am safe, hope you are! Like Nick said, vaccines are coming, hopefully next year is gonna be a better year for everyone so we can go back to lives haha. Cheers!


Welcome gin!
It seems to be a little bit of a trend that we’re having a lot of fans from the older days gathering here, myself included. Super nice to see that!

Stay safe, and let’s all hope next year will be better! ^-^