your dream band

what kind of (Visual Kei) band would you like to see in the future?
we had a similar thread with dream supergroups, but this thread is about your dream concepts/styles/inspirations/genres

(while I prefer this to be about Visual Kei, having Ideas for other groups is allowed)


an Avelcain successor
a slutty (Ains) Gossip
a Dimlim successor with a slightly lighter tone (but still heavy)

I want a wrestler with a bandmen gimmick to form an actual shit-tier VK band.

Secret Agent Kei where they wear tuxedos and make 007-sounding songs.

And I think a Nautical VK band would be fun. Put the bassist in one of those old huge scuba suits.


Awoi re-forms (it’s dream unfortunately not going to happen cry’s a river :cold_sweat:)

Here something more related. Would be interested to see this:

Band name: BLACK HOLE (ブラックホール)


MIKAGE (ミカゲ)

Sin (慎)

Muse Lu’Ciluk → ROSANNA (ロザンナ) → Muse Lu’Ciluk → TONE NOTE (トオンノヲト) as Shinsuke Ozaki (尾崎晋輔) → → GARЯNA → dotrip. → LOKI → AWOI (アヲイ) as Shin → for severe addicts only

SAKI (サキ)

AWOI (アヲイ) → for severe addicts only


ZELLCID → NT Project , → CELL HEAD → LOKI , → AWOI (アヲイ) → for severe addicts only , The Thirteen (Support)

Another dream band:

Name: Hateshinai sabaku (果てしない砂漠)

Haru (葉瑠)


HIGE (Dem guitar solos :guitar:)

TOY as O-sang → undecide → Ethnic Legist as HIGE , GRAVITYNO (グラヴィティーノ) → Ethnic Legist → retired

Zechs (絶楠)

the∞LAKI → GRAND GUIGNOL (グランギニョル) , REVIVE → REVIVE , Scratch Opinions

Toshiya (隼耶)

sharon → DictavE → REVIVE

Elphaind → el-Ethnic Legist → Ethnic Legist → retired

I want the forgotten Ep to be finished, why man why… just take a long break don’t disband. After listening to it I’m left behind, wanting more.

I want yfm to start making actual songs again. They used to be so good.

Yuuki-kun is copyrighting old windows film maker videos, I hope this means he plans to reunite the gang.

A follow-up to mix speaker’s inc.

I want a band like S to make music like their last 3 releases. Soft kei the best kei.

How bout a theatrical symposium, music like the matrix soundtrack but it’s actually a band.

I want a mysterious benefactor to bring back all these old ass bands to like a throwback youth concert, but it’s gotta be huge and like a week long.

I’m wondering how do my favorite bands, just ordinary guys compose such heartfelt words and songs seemingly playing at my heartstrings and disband never to be heard again.

A concept album where you listen to music for the last day of your life.

A cheery song thats about, surrender, treason, liberty. Seemingly depressing lyrics but it’s like a twilight you know? Riffs that send you to the stratosphere.

Man words fall short sometimes.

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