Your Favorite Animal

Foxes! They’re just so cute and fluffy. Like best of a dog and best of a cat combined!

Other animals include wild cats, racoons, tanukis and few more. One may say I took a few step ahead, as I own several animal plushies that I hug and sleep with a lot x3


@araxzijk Haha, I’ve seen that anime as a recommendation on crunchyroll, it was short so I tried to watch some episodes and it was kind of funny :joy: Also there was another recommendation called Nyanbo but I’m not sure if it’s good, it just looked a little bit cute. For example the cats have square bodies there, don’t know how to describe it better. :rofl:

@KentaroFox Oh nice, foxes are my favorite animals too!! :smiley: I have to say I especially like the “Nine-tailed fox” but as we know it’s only a mythology, I wish they would exist in real life because they’re looking so beautiful and kind of classy. :blush:
I know that I own a lot of animal plushies too and even sleep with them though I’ve grown old but still I like them. :rofl:

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Kinda cute, I guess. Don’t you think so, too? :heart_eyes:


This is my grandma’s dog. His name is Dany. I take him for a walk every Saturday afternoon.


Oh, he looks so cute and adorable! :blush:

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