Your favourite Vk/JRock guitar solo

Post your favourite guitar solo from any Vk band you like. Post link and timestamp when the solo happens.


At 9:42
This solo has so much emotion in it and build up that leads in to it is just so emotional as well.
Definitively one of my all time favourites


I can’t decide… What Teru does here is somehow very satisfying to me (Also, Jasmine’s bass is beautiful throughout this entire song)

This is far from my favourite Megaromania song as a whole but when Misery hit those high angelic tapping notes, I literally had to replay a hundred times with watery eyes and goose prickles


Both solos are amazing!
Do you think you could help me?
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Oh, I wouldn’t know. I would assume that they show up automatically. Maybe try some support? They helped me once when a posting of mine was wrongfully considered spam.


I happen to take a look in this topic, so let me explain it in short:
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The only solo I ever really think about is the one in this ViViD song. Reno had no right to ever go that hard in this band


@ 2minutes 25

NoGod has really awesome solos

@ 3.10 solo bass, then guitar, then keyboard

Matenrou Opera has sick solos

@ 2 minutes 41

First time I heard this solo, I was astonished :open_mouth: I couldn’t believed how epic it was!

@ 4.10 Sickest solo by Nokubura

2.30 My favorite solo of their’s and my favorite song from them as well.

@ 3.18, it’s not VK but Syu’s solos are worth mentionning ^^

@ 2.17 favorite song of their’s, all of Shin’s solos are insane.

I could go on forever, I’m a die hard fan of solos haha. I’ll post more when I think of other bands!


Most likely the last two solos in the Gazette Calm Envy, especially Aoi’s last solo has such amazing feeling, the best thing about it is that I usually for some reason didnt think much of ending solos until I listened to the one in it and holy shit, its the perfect way to end such a sad song

Besides that probably the one in Zakurogata no Yuutsu is also really catchy/high energy


Thank you for explanation. I feel kinda embarrassed for not knowing this.

Since I was young listening to J-Rock , I have always been interested the guitar solo parts, there are just too many amazing solos…, romantic one catchy one, powerful skilful one, extremely short one, melodic one, I especially DUAL SOLOS, for example: ナイトメア -NIGHTMARE- 極東乱心天国 , CD audio version solos starts at 1:37~ , here is a 2007 極東シンフォニー THE FIVE STARS NIGHT@BUDOKAN live version.

ガゼット -the Gazette- 未成年 , another DUAL SOLOS that got me into the early era of Gazette, CD audio version solo starts at 2:21 , and this Music video solo starts at 2:55 .

move on to more recent, the X JAPAN inspired band : Rides In ReVellion has this amazing song F.A.T.E. and the solo starts at 2:42, reminds me so much of X JAPAN,

When it comes to Guitar solos, I am sure there are a lot of people think of The master of Symphonic Gothic Metal : Versailles , they have pretty much everything in their discography filled with amazing solos, thanks to Queen HIZAKI , from their first ever song : The Revenant Choir, I knew I would love this band for a long time, here is the one I really love : SILENT KNIGHT , bring me to the Holy church now !!
CD audio starts at 3:50 and the best part of it is from 4:10 , this live version starts at 3:57

Last, but not least, metal core (sort of) band NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, has this one song stuck in my head whenever I play their songs, this one is a MUST NOT skip track for me : DESPERATE , guitar solos starts at 3:53 and the sexy part at 4:37 , I can listen to this all day.
(also I am so admire their drums double bass pedal towards the end of the solo)


@ 3:17

I can’t explain why I love this one so much and why it sticks out to me, but it just does. I literally have to blast the volume up every time it gets to the solo because I want it to shatter my life.




I absolutely adore TERU’s solo for The Red Carpet Day! (2:43)


my fav maybe:

good sis is shredding

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My favorite guitar solos are probably biased. Also i don’t have enough knowledge guitar wise to tell you “that’s was fancy technically wise”, so my favorites are really just because i like hearing them 🤷

starts around 3:40

Around 2:00

How could I forget lynch’s phantom


I have a few.

  1. “Sadistic Desire” by X Japan (3:45)

2: “Reila” by The GazettE (3:15)

  1. “Melodic Thorn ~美の暴力~” by Versailles (2:55)
  1. “Storm” by Luna Sea (2:39)
  1. “1/3の純情な感情” by Siam Shade (2:25)

It isn’t about all about technicality. You can judge solo by the emotions or if it serves the track well.
Musicians often tend to show off their skills without taking rest of the song into consideration.


I forgot lynch omg, they have sick solos as well! Phantom is probably my favorite song by them! Shadows has also a very solid solo!

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