Your gamer tag!

Hey! I thought it’ll be fun if people could meet up on games and have fun together!

I mainly play on Playstation.

For my PSN ask me in private :slight_smile:

I’m into Demon’s Souls on PS5 since yesterday, but I love playing Borderlands 3.
I mainly play solo games but feel free to add me :slight_smile:

So drop your gamer tag below and let’s meet online!

PSN: Guyokai
Switch: SW-1539-1426-1020
Stadia: Guyokai

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PSN: buccellatte
Switch ID incoming


My PSN ID is ShiroxKitsune93
Switch: SW-5305-2489-3213

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Currently playing a lot on my Switch these days~

Switch: SW-3247-4396-1998

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Feel free to add me on Steam but I’ll be playing more during the summer than now

I don’t really have any current consoles, but I’ve been playing a lot of Fate/Grand Order on my phone recently.

If someone wants to use my sketchy, like 90% male, line-up of support servants, this is my friend ID: 911,723,739

PSN - Elazmus

I don’t do much multiplayer anywhere but hey it’s something to talk about lmao

I don’t have any online subscriptions and only really play single-player on Steam but you can add me on FGO (JP ver) if you need more support lineup. 222,529,218

League account : Hero of love
Steam : Hero of love
Psn (12 years ago) : Hero of love
Xbox 360 : legitximpact
(changed it to hero of love)

PSN: Thesoulassassinx
Steam: doomsoul136
Xbox: XxDoomsoulxX
Switch: SW-6547-7078-5790

Feel free to message me on either of those platforms. :slight_smile:

psn: ghostboysquid

lmk ur from here tho or I won’t accept prob lol