Your personal top 10 vk albums

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These threads are a little boring, but this is one of those scenes where–despite there being an objective history/evolutionary branch–there’s no real concrete canon everybody can agree on. So it’s neat to see people’s top lists.
I’ll post mine later if this thread gets posts


I guess something like this:

X Japan - Vanishing Vision
Kagrra - Gozen
Kagrra - Miyako
Kagrra - San
Kagrra - Shizuku
Rosenfeld - Pigs of the Empire
Gazette - Disorder
Dir en grey - Uroboros
Heidi - Innocence
Merry - Modern Garde


I’m going to keep it 1 album per band lest the whole list becomes all of MM’s albums plus a few MdM and Közi solo ones, or just me doing a first to not first of Pura’s albums lol

Merveilles by Malice Mizer
Puppet Show by Plastic Tree
第5実験室 by cali≠gari
Niwlun by Guniw Tools
Image by Luna Sea
カタルシス by Közi
Gauze by Dir en Grey
悪の華 by BUCK-TICK
Nocturnal Opera by Moi dix Mois

Just picking ten is so hard :persevere: I had to kick Jealousy by X off the list but they would normally be there otherwise


no order.

Moi dix Mois - Dixanadu
Hizaki Grace Project - Dignity Of Crest
DELUHI - Vandalism
Kisaki Project - 永遠の夢
CodeRebirth - Catharsis
New Sodmy - Confess To A Love
Dir en Grey - Dum Spiro Spero
12012 - 12012
The Gazette - Dogma
Deathgaze - Decade

the list above is based on my playing frequency of the album. man, it’s very difficult to choose only 10, I could easily do a top 50 album list, a top 100 single list, or a top 30 EP/mini-album list. in fact. anyway, 10 honorable mentions, could be added and as a top 20 list. also, no order.

lynch. - Gallows
D.I.D. - Paranoid Personality (5 types of a maxi-single with 16 tracks in total equals an album!)
-OZ- - Complete Best Album (very hard to pick a fav full-length, my fav tracks are all over the place lol)
xTRiPx - Any Verse
Gackt - Diablos
Delacroix - Re:do
NEGA - Vanitas
GHOSE - 契描
Nocturnal Bloodlust - Grimoire
Girugämesh - Monster


Nightmare - Anima

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Since I have 5 honmei, 1 kamiban with a grand total of 13 albums (11 if Fate and Stardust aren’t dual counted), I’m only going to do 5.

  1. AIOLIN- Fate -Resistance Side-
  2. コドモドラゴン- テグラマグラ
  3. 零[Hz]- 零聖戦
  4. AIOLIN- Stardust Crystal -Stardust Side-
  5. コドモドラゴン - WOLFMAN

I feel the need to say that I don’t even dislike Alone, I just adore Voltage so much that Fate without Voltage is lonely to me.

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AH this is so tough. This will be the albums that have a special meaning to me personally. So I have to say up front, the GazettE and Dir en Grey have been a huge part of my life. Also these will be in no particular order since that would add another dimension of impossibility.

the GazettE - Dim
the GazettE - Dogma
the GazettE - Ninth
Dir en Grey - Uroboros
Dir en Grey - Dum Spiro Spero
Dir en Grey - Arche
Lynch. - Gallows
-Oz- - Rouge
X Japan - Blue Blood
Luna Sea - Mother

Honorable mentions would be
Dir en Grey - Vulgar
the GazettE - Stacked Rubbish
Some of the early and late Girugamesh stuff, and definitely almost everything of Mucc.

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I’m going to exclude DEG from this list because I could put all of their albums on it.
Nega- Vanitas
The Black Swan- Ousia
ARTiCLEAR- Ikei no Musou
MUCC- Kowareta piano to living dead
Sukekiyo- Adoratio
Dimlim- Chedoara
Dadaroma- Stanczyk
the GazettE- Dogma
Madmans Esprit- Glorifying suicide
Some of the albums on my list are interchangeable with other albums from the same band. For example:
MUCC- Kuchiki no tou
Nega- Negativism-trace
Sukekiyo- Immortalis
the GazettE- Ninth
Madmans Esprit- Conscientization of Unconsciousness
Some honorable mentions:
Soko ni naru- Issen
Plastic tree- Puppet show
D.I.D- Providentia
Nocturnal Bloodlust- Grimoire
Nazare- Nemophila