Yukiya Fujita / D=SIRE / Kain

Any fans out there?
I am, but he/they frustrate me to no end by making their CD releases deliberately ultra-rare (live only, ultra private webshop, etc.) for the past 10 years or so.
Even on second-hand japanese shops (Yahoo auctions, etc.), there is none of the recent / interesting stuff. Anyone with anything to trade / sell, please ping me… #justtakemymoney

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i’m more of a fan of D=SIRE, but yeah, the guy seems to be stuck behind the times cuz he doesn’t like resellers so he keeps his new stuff limited to his fanclub

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A douchebag old manlet, but D=SIRE had some cool stuff.

I like both D=SIRE and Jils. Especially D=SIRE because of their music

Seems to be, yeah, if the revolving door of band members is any indication. Big ego for sure.

I actually am really cool with a former bandoman and he said that when he met him back in the days of D=SIRE, the lil fucker ignored his existence. Not to mention that this band (which will be redacted) was better anyways than D=S.