Yuusuke (lynch.) and Akito Matsumoto (真空ホロウ) new unit "健康" (Kenko) has formed

Yuusuke (lynch.) and Akito Matsumoto (Shinku Horou) have formed a new unit named “健康” (Kenko).


Oooh this could be interesting! :eyes:

Yuusuke hunni blink twice if hazuki holds u hostage


Well, Yuusuke had some solo works, iirc. One of them was kinda used in Ultima.
Ysk (lynch.) A Collection Of Fragments #2 - ZINNIA - YouTube - intro
ZINNIA - Lynch. [ Sub. Español/ English ] - YouTube - outro

So, uh, more creative freedom to him, woohoo?

Very interesting! Yusuke definitely adds his own flavour to lynch. so this should be good


their new album “健音#1-未来-” (Kenon#1-Mirai-) will be released at 2022/04/06 (2 types)

Limited edition (4500yen) will include CD and Blu-ray
Regular edition (3300yen) will include CD only

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No idea what to expect, but looking forward to it I guess!

I expected this to happen. Yuusuke was clearly the one who allows Lynch to stay a minimum creative. He composed many of my favorites Lynch songs for the past few years, and nearly everytime the best tracks on each recent album.

I love how the Lynch sound is suddenly deeper with more atmosphere and a soul in those songs ( for ex : Renatus, Sense of emptiness, A fool, Zinnia, Aster, Sorrow, Phantom, Farewell, Variant, Melancholic etc…).

Very curious but still hope it just temporary and lynch really come back next year :stuck_out_tongue:


[CD tracklist]

  1. 淡々 (Tantan)
  2. 水槽 (Suisou)
  3. 理由 (Riyuu)
  4. 合図 (Aizu)
  5. 猛毒 (Moudoku)
  6. 曖昧 (Aizan)
  7. 運命 (Unmei)
  8. 喪失 (Soushitsu)
  9. 執着 (Shuuchaku)
  10. 除獣 (Jojuu)
  11. 月光 (Gekkou)
  12. 針金 (Harigane)
  13. 日常 (Nichijou)
  14. 未来 (Mirai)

[blu-ray tracklist] * limited edition only
・『未来』 Music Video
・1st Live Streaming 『健診 chapter #0』


Vocals are terrible for a band like this. Yuusuke might as well get on vocals


You’re right. And musically it’s such a downgrade. It sounds like some standard newcomer j-pop release. I wonder why they got rid of their ambient style

it’s a cute song, almost there in vk to enka waters with that singer, but LMAO FOREVER @ hazuki releasing a lynch single on his own, while king records backs this.

never change, japanese general public.

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I was initially sort of interested in this project, but after hearing like a minute of that song I noped out fast. :smiling_face_with_tear: Reminds me of LUNA SEA’s latest forays into trying-to-sound-hip dad vibes. Not for me sadly…

Lol, sounds like a HYDE wannabe.