Zeke Deux will perform in Germany

Zeke Deux will perform at Backstage Club Munich in Munchen, Germany on 9/28! Tickets are available here!


oh i will be there <3


How popular are these guys?

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Good for them, I hope it goes well~ :pray: If it wasn’t in another country (and for that price) I’d go too.


Maybe there is going to be a promotion soon :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as there is no official announcement, I don’t think it makes sense to post these rumors again and again (including that atrocious flyer with the pixelated logo of them and the “booker” name in unreadable white on white Arial)

It’s official, it’s literally posted on the band’s X/Twitter and tickets are being sold through a legit online platform (link in the first post of this thread).


oh wow, they really did that now!
i only saw that shady “eventim-light” link circulating like a week ago. still skeptical about this to happen and not to turn out like “xodiack will play in munich” drama in 2011 haha


To be honest it’s hard not to be skeptical! lol. Still, I want to believe~ . . .


They are also listed in the schedule of the club in munich. They would not list an act before all contracts are signed with them. Especially in Germany, the country of bureaucracy. :rofl::smiling_face_with_tear:



I don’t doubt they booked the club, everyone can. The show being listed on the homepage just means, that the person who rented the venue gave them this information. Renting a venue doesn’t mean the band is gonna perform there. XodiacK were also supposed to play at Backstage in 2011. It was announced everywhere, they sold tickets, advertised it… until they just canceled it.

Besides all that I don’t think they will sell enough tickets to make it happen. Jupiter played that venue too in 2019 (also just the club with a capacity of 250) and they didn’t even sell half of the tickets, it was basically empty. With the gig not being advertised/promoted at all and seeing how these “fan projects” always turned out in the past 15 years, there’s no reason for me not to be skeptical. I’m attending when it really is happening, I just have severe reasonable doubts.

(On a side note, it’s funny the event is named “Zeke DEux - First time in Europe” on the homepage (with the typo) even though they’ve played in Europe before.)


That sparks so many questions for me.

Why are they doing this in the first place. I can’t imagine what they got from ticket sales and merch is anywhere near of breaking even.

I also doubt the “exposure” is worth the effort.

Why Munich? Berlin seems to be the safer choice. It has probably lower rent for a club and since it is the bigger city, there is a better chance to sell tickets at the door to people who just like to discover new stuff. Or at least some of the cities around Cologne.

If fans of them organize this… why don’t they try to do this together with an anime convention? I know not everyone likes the combination. But they have expierence in organising this. They already have a location with stage. Last year one con I went to had several japanense music acts and it was not just pop.

Don’t they have to put at least some deposit for the rent of the club?

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I just looked into the organizer and they are the same people who organized their concert 2022 at swiss convention. So first concert in EU would be correct, first in Europe not.

All their other successful concerts seemed to be in cooperation with cons, btw.

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I hope many people will come!!! People need to spread this word!!! For now I see not a single fan freaking out and promoting it :joy: I cross fingers for the best!


I am honestly thinking about going, Munich isn’t so far away from me and how often do we get the chance to see small indies VK bands these days?

I wish I could promote this, but I have no reach and most of my followers on my social media aren’t into VK… but it couldn’t hurt to try.


I am a bit to far away. But it does not have to vk fans necessarily. A lot of people just öike to see something new. Also it is lste in the year and you could promote to some people who are just intrested in Japan.

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king behaviour

I just take my glasses of to look at it
Everything blurry then

Why vkbeats actually have a logo but don’t use it?

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Good, that they made a better one