❤️‍🔥 2023 Predictions

Gara was a roadie for Dir en grey in their early years, and now he’s in the same label as them cuz they’re besties <3 he appears in some Dir/sukekiyo stuff sometimes

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Really hoping more bands and individual songs/albums/singles/etc. become available to stream literally everywhere permanently, not just to be unavailable the next month
Not to sound cliché but music should be free :sob:
examples(U.S spotify):

  • Justice-matenrou opera

  • Malice mizer

  • Moi dix mois

  • Greed of White Lily-ALEVAS

  • Fiançailles-Lareine

I could go on.

YOSHIKI BIG ANNOUCEMENT (but again, nothing related to X JAPAN :skull_and_crossbones:)
probably somethings like Yoshikey-cut service :key:
Yoshikinder-egg :egg:
Yoshikiwi Farm :kiwi_fruit:
Yoshikink :underage::heartpulse: :see_no_evil: :secret: …Are Yoshikidding me, right ? :tipping_hand_man:


Someone in Gotcharocka gets/is married/has a kid
Kiryu disbands
Return of Sug and An Cafe with albums and tours and shit
Former Malice Mizer member dies
Akane (D.I.D.) comes back
Hayato (Codomo Dragon) gets hospitalized
DEG World tour!!!
Gazette comes out with new album, world tours, then disbands/hiatus
SA scandal involving a memeber of zonbi/zombie? and a bangya
questionable n00ds be released of someone in Royz
Mana Speaks (with Rupaul, Queen Mana’s English is so perf it makes Rupaul sweat out of her/his wig)
Someone in popular Vk band is dating one of them girls in Perfume , a real opposites attract.


The rest of Plastic Tree’s discography coming to streaming


HELPPP NOT RUPAUL- I would love to see that though I kinda want them to read each other

wonderful username! very demure and coy. welcome to jro.

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whattt linkin park is not japanese