0.1gの誤算(0.1g no Gosan) new look + clip feat.双極スペクトラ (Soukyoku SPECTRUM)

0.1gの誤算(0.1g no Gosan) new look + clip feat.双極スペクトラ(Soukyoku SPECTRUM)


I have the feeling I have seen this background dancers somewhere already?
are they from this one weird visual kei idol group?
edit: of course they are. I am stupid! I really just should have read the title.

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Meh, I was looking forward to hear new music from them as it’s been a long time since their last release but I’m kinda disappointed… they did better

This looks promising ima prob gonna get this one.

for some reason I don’t find any promo pictures for their new look (in the MV).

It’s not a new look, it’s the one they had for their anniversary in last August!

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they are quite similar
but they are still different
the 4th anniversary looks better though.