New idol band "双極スペクトラム(Soukyoku SPECTRUM)" has formed

New idol band ""双極スペクトラム(Soukyoku SPECTRUM)” has formed.

“双極スペクトラム(Soukyoku SPECTRUM)” members:
タウくん(Tau-kun) -red-
禊(Misogi) -blue-
シヅキ(Shizuki) -white-
田嶋はる(Tajima Haru) -green-
ゆう(Yu) -purple-

0th single “盲目信教BANBAN罪”

Lyrics: つかさし(Tsukasashi)
Composition & MIX: 拓(Taku) (ex.ペンタゴン(Pentagon))
Bass: 眞崎大輔(Masaki Daisuke) (0.1gの誤算)
Producer: 神崎流空(Kanzaki Iria) (0.1gの誤算)

COVER · 千年恋歌-五月雨- (0.1gの誤算)

Lyrics: 緑川裕宇(Midorikawa You) (0.1gの誤算)
MIX: 拓(Taku) (ex.ペンタゴン(Pentagon))
Producer: 神崎流空(Kanzaki Iria) (0.1gの誤算)

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this kind of band is going to become a plague


Hmm, not bad. Their 0th single isn’t that great Imo. The cover is nice.
So far I do like Yu’s voice (purple dude)
Shizuki (white) sounds very feminine to me, are they one of the rare girls? I’m curious
Misogi (blue) is not really my type of singer, but he’s alright
Haru (green) seems pretty cute
Tau-kun (red) does sound like he has more experience to my ears tbh


okeiiii i hate this but i’m glad they’re having fun

I never respected yukari for selling out to resistar who more or less started this entire idol-kei fad, but at least they invested in it all around

this bedroom studio idol mess is just outright vile

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ps we need hating reaction options again x



Visual Tongue Kei

Seriously now, wtf is going on here? Do they think they look cool?

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Wait I figured out why I don’t like blue dude’s voice, he sounds like his nose is blocked hnfghf
Was that really the case or does he just sing like that?

Hold on, I think red dude might be autotuned, something is really off about his singing too

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Yeahh… no. This isn’t really my thing, and that 0th single was a bit… all over the place (read: complete mess). The cover isn’t too bad though!


あき(Aki) -pink- has joined at 2021/02/01.

1st single “Call of Destiny~幻想の未来とその果てに~”

Lyrics: つかさし(Tsukasashi)
Producer: 神崎流空(Kanzaki Iria) (0.1gの誤算)


Actually this doesn’t sound too bad, I only don’t really like the rap part, that came out of nowhere…
The new pink dude sounds pretty cute! I like him.
But now that I’ve properly seen the white one I really am starting to think they’re afab, but I’ll wait till pronouns are confirmed so I think I’ll just use they/them for now.

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Ye ye, but I don’t want to assume anything. Like they were also drawing without a chest in the anime styled drawings in the cover.