30sec certain victory - Genki's new band

Seems like Genki’s new band is getting active

The band name is :grimacing:, but well :woman_shrugging:


Still banned from VK I see. It’s different from Meji, since its more metal than VK metal. I guess Koichi was the only one that wanted to continue to do EDM, and Genki wanted to do this and his solo career, which he released a digital single yesterday. It was a ballad. I guess that’s what trembling bambi’s last song was about and koichi asking everyone to help him go through a hard time, while Genki made no qualms about it. It’s another Meji situation, instead now it’s Genki vs Koichi.

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I actually liked the preview, I hope it will turn out well!

As for the band name, I’m not really digging into the name but I’m curious how they even came up with “30sec certain victory”. :eyes:
I hope they can explain it or someone pls do an interview with them.

having another member will improve live performances and music videos for sure. Happy to know that he now has the support of another musician.
The music doesn’t sound like Mejibray anymore but I think this is more than understandeable after all the things Forum did to him.
I don’t care how the music sounds like if he can now be happy again doing what he wants to do, to rock.

lmao so he has his solo project just dropping a boring new single, somewhere on the back there’s also bedroom excellence SpelL, and now he goes ahead and forms this two-man Dimlim Real Men Play Real Music thing in hopes that least any of those finally take-off?

I wish her an ounce of luck.


So, let me get this straight. He has a solo project SpelL, is also going solo under his full name, AND is now in a new band?
Just bring back Mejibray for the love of all that’s holy. This is so exhausting.

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RYUTARO sound nice and melodic

Hyped for the whole thing.


Honestly, I’m just happy he’s got someone who seems to have professional experience and access to a studio/professional equipment to help him. Some people can make the whole “I recorded this in my bedroom and created the artwork myself using bootleg Photoshop and dollar store art supplies” method work, but from what he’s done so far it seems pretty clear that he’s not one of them.

Or, at least, he’s going to need to build up his skills quite a bit before he gets there.


Well he finally found someone to record his screaming well, I’d be interested to see if he himself improves with this too, the idea of Tzk having “conventional” harsh vocal skill is surreal loll

This sound cool though! Not sure where it’s going at the end but I’m more than happy for him already I hope for more good news!


this sounds great tbh impressed to see genki screaming again, spell is totally gothic/horrer esque side of genki, his other solo band under his name very pop and electronic and this new project totally i feel hes goign towards a metalcore/swagcore sounds decent guitar . exciting see genki screams again and dual vox

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I guess he was way more complex musically than we thought. I always figured he was just into Gothic rock and metal. :hushed:

I remember reading somewhere that he is a fan of EXILE, and thats clearly J-Pop.

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This is why Koichi went off the deep end, they probably had a huge fight and their creative differences happen. The wholte twttier fiasco is/was his downward spiral in to not wanting to believe a life where visual kei was almost half his life, and more of it with Genki, came to a huge end(queue the Trembling bambi song of the same name). Honestly I feel bad for koichi, because you can tell he dedicated his song to Genki, but Genki is ghosting, like my boyfriend, so I feel his hurt.

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FINALLY , the metal-core GENKI is back !!!

It’s good, but his vocals need work, but he’s never really had much experience singing like this, so he might want to invest in some vocal lessons.

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I think Genki met the guitarist in a store or something and they came up with the idea of making a band in 30 seconds :thinking:, not sure though. That’s what someone translated in his livestream.


I have no idea if I should find this Story for the name cute or ridiculous.

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Don’t care, because this project will amount to nothing. He can’t go anywhere and perform live, ie. there is no chance this project will ever put out a serious, completely produced and professionally rolled out release.

Genki was also the one who was throwing shade at vk originally when mejibray was still active. That’s why 8P-SB wasn’t really a surprise when it came out like that.

I wonder why him and koichi fell off tho.

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yeah me too, I actually liked 8P-SB and they really seemed like good friends

I hope he does get vocal lessons because every time I’ve seen him sing in a stream my entire body tenses.