30sec certain victory - Genki's new band

Something sounds off and I can’t put my finger on it.

I miss 8P-SB. There’s not enough here to like yet.


It got dropped on spotify now for stream

This most certainly have potential

For now it’s rough. Production table removed ANY trace of any possible crispiness on the instruments. Kinda reminds me the old days of 96kbps songs of soulseek tbh

main riff is pretty dope, Genki can definitely improve but we’ve seen what he can do in the past, guitar work in general is not bad at all. Just way too clean and poorly recorded, I’ll treat it like a demo and hope for the best.


Man it feels great to see Genki doing heavier stuff again. Clean vocals seemed very dry, like they didn’t polish his vocals at all, but the entire song is roughly mixed anyway, so I kind of expected something like that. I was honestly happy to hear the imperfections in Genki’s vocals. It seems like he’s been taking better care of himself after Mejibray broke up, and with that it seems like he’s finding better ways to take care of his voice, like doing more warm ups, not forcing himself to hit those higher notes, etc.


Rough, very rough. Feels like it was mixed in about 2 hours by someone watching a youtube tutorial.
It does certainly have potential. I still have no idea how Genki can still sound like ass after all these years as a professional singer.

Professional VK singer…That brings the standards down by a lot. Most vkei singers have little to no actual training. Just dudes who picked up a microphone


Ill never understand why Tzk has so many projects. I liked Spell better then this i saw a lot more potentail in that project. Hopefully some progress soon. >.<

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A project for ballads, a project for darker gothy stuff, and a project for metal/Core/screamy stuff, I think it makes sense. Anyway I’m happy to hear him scream again I’ve always liked his harsh vocals even if he does sound like Donald Duck sometimes.

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so spell MVs are shot in his bedroom, and MVs for this look like they’re filmed in the underground parking at same condo he lives in? we stan consistency!

I would have liked this better if they didn’t start with trippy 8spb shit the moment mejibray were shut down. his clean vocals got lot worse tbh.