A little introduction from myself

Hi, I am new on this forum and also I’m new to Visual Kei in general. In the moment I’m still exploring some bands and styles. It would be nice if someone would give me some recommendations of some non popular bands. I don’t really have a favourite band but I like the style of gulu gulu, MALICE MIZER and Kizu . I guess this would be the end, because I don’t know what to write anymore. I’m not someone who usually writes in such forums.


Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy exploring visual kei and the wider community. Are you interested in other types of Japanese music as well? There are many threads to explore regarding visual kei bands here, such as the various news threads where you might find some lesser known bands, but I’m sure you’ll get some recommendations from others.


Before I started listening to vkei music I listened to vocaloid a lot. My favourite producers were Utsu p, Masa and I also liked Daijobu p and Hikkie. Currently I didn’t find a Vocaloid thread on this forum, but that is expected because this is mainly a jrock/vkei one.

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How you found Visual Kei? I am always curious how newer fans find out about it still.
I heard recently that Pinterest seems to a beginning for bunch of newer VK fans.

Feel free to open one
@blossomingRuin should be into vocaloids too
And i am pretty sure there are some others here who listen to them

I know one song from Utsu P
Wasn’t my personal taste, but good stuff still

If you use Spotify and want to test out new musiv, we got a bunch of official JRO playlists
(Some of playlists are available on YouTube too)

Nice to meet you and I hope you have fun venturing through the forum.

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Honestly I found it the same way then I found vocaloid. A recommendation on YouTube can go a long way for me . I think it was Oyasumi from gulu gulu. Since my taste in the vocaloid genre is pretty much the same I searched for more songs of this kind and learned that it’s called Visual kei and searched for new bands.


Some of those gulu gulu tracks have quite a Vocaloid feel haha.
There are some groups with members who are also are Vocaloid Producers for example Yuzu in Sick2 who is even now where he left responsible for composing(as I remember lol)

Welcome on the forum!
If you’re still exploring VK/J-Rock songs, I’ve a playlist on spotify for you ro check out and maybe you’ll find some gems that catches your interest.

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Thank you for this Playlist. I have already checked some songs on it. I already recognised some songs from Kizu but I liked Kuno no Ito from Xaa Xaa. I’ll definitely going to check their other songs

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Awesome! Hope you’re able to find some nice bands from my playlist!^^

I do have made on last year too, just check out if you wanna listen to what you might have missed out:

And 2021 too if interested: