The Official JROCK ONE Spotify Playlist!

What’s a better way to kick off 2022 than with some J-Rock?

Birthed by the mastermind @CAT5 , the staff has compiled a public Spotify playlist comprising of all the hot visual-kei, rock, and metal music we could recommend. If it’s Japanese, on Spotify and available in our region, slaps hard, and we’ve heard of it, then it’s on this playlist somewhere. Take a look, give it a spin, share with your friends, and let us know what you think!

We didn’t arrange the tracks in any particular order, so we suggest leaving it on random.


For the people who’ve checked out the playlist, what do yall think? What are your thoughts?


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Introducing each staff members individual taste to you.

@nick has been a J-rock fan since 2001. His interests in Visual Kei and general Japanese rock are pretty much equal. As a fan, he would like to witness all the bands he grew up with till the very end. J-rock is sure a huge part of his life.

Visual KEI. Jazz. Rock. Indie. The four j nations lived in harmony until one day the visual nation attacked. Zeus, master of all four genres, was the only force capable of stopping them. But when the web needed him most he vanished. One year later he was rediscovered on another forum making fire mixes. Although he is young, his power and skills are immense and one day I believe he will become…Thunderous

How could one or two sentences possibly sum up the sheer brilliance of his being? There are simply no words to convey the unutterable splendour of CAT5.
So, you must listen instead.

@platy believes sukekiyo’s prices are fair and is probably JRO’s only ダウトfan. platy strayed into kpop for a couple of years but returned to vkei, and loves them both equally.

@Rize went exploring the VK scene after hearing 黒執事 OP theme and got stuck forever because of bands like MEJIBRAY, the 3rd birthday, キズ… til this day she has never left the scene for whatsoever. The addiction is real.

@Ezra is part of the collective alice who has fallen down the vk rabbit hole. Has a taste for beautifully intricate sounds but also the goofy stuff, so bring on the bag of marbles!

@Rena got into japanese Music somewhen during the golden Age of VK in Europe. After some years she took a break from it, but japanese music slowly crept back into her heart again. Following some adventures in VK, Jpop and JRock, she found her home with japanese Metalcore.


:warning: Keeping you all busy with new playlists. :warning:

If you are tired of your friends brushing off your favourite Japanese artists because they refuse to listen to non-English songs…

Worry no more, we have the perfect solution!

Our 100% English songs by Japanese Artists on Spotify

Or on YouTube


Isn’t robkun a staff member? I would love to see his playlist.

Staff members all have a sticker behind their name saying either “Admin” or “Moderator”.

How about you just hit up @robkun and ask him for a playlist/mixtape.


I’m too shy to ask him, what about saikou?

Saikou stepped down as a moderator over a year ago already.

Also it’s getting pretty off topic now.

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Quick question. which country are most of you guys moderators live? I’ve seen alot of songs that aren’t available in my country. (Indonesia)

The moderator playlist where made with the JRockOne account, which had it’s location on the Netherlands at that time.

I am sorry, you are facing the trouble of region locks with our playlists.

That’s fine.


Also, did you remember when pre-macabre era deg and almost all of their singles was region locked? i think i’ve manage to accidentally unlock it permantly by using a VPN services on the browser, Use the connect to a device feature, Pause, Resume it on the app version and turn off the VPN whie the track is still playing. But i think it was a fluke because i use the same trick for everything else, but i doesn’t work anymore.

all domains are from frankfurt, hessen, kelkheim
only ever had region lock with japan and new Zealand

We’re back with another playlist. Sliders is aimed more towards people who are new and are looking for a quick resource to try a lot of Japanese artists at once. 80 tracks here, covering lots of genres and lots of artists, even though there may be a focus on rock and metal. It’s the obligatory “best of” crawling around in my mind. I hope it’s useful to someone somewhere.

Leave it on shuffle and have fun! Interested in your thoughts, as always.


Here comes another playlist, courtesy of yours truly. I saw the anime category on Twitter and thought we should invade. Politely. Here’s a compilation of a ton of anime openings and endings. I’ll be adding more as I think of them, may even include anime soundtracks as a whole. Let me know what you think!